How to Remove Spray Tan

I feel like every single woman who has ever spray tanned has (at least once) asked herself the question in a total panic – HOW TO REMOVE SPRAY TAN? I know I’ve stood there in my bathroom looking into the mirror thinking those very words. Either it’s too dark or not even or something!

Whatever it is, in a total panic you need the spray tan gone. Unfortunately it’s not like makeup where you can grab your remover and just rub it away. It’s just not the way it comes off and it’s something that I feel you don’t realize until you actually stand there and try to get it off your face and/or body.

How to Remove Spray Tan

I love being tan in the summer. I do, I love it. The extra glow on my skin, I’ve just always loved it. Here’s the problem… the sun. The damage that the sun does to your skin is too dangerous and I will not sit in the sun and literally bake my skin for hours at a time. As a matter of fact, when I’m in the sun with my family, we’re all rocking a 50+ sunscreen.

I like to make sure everyone is fully covered from head to toe (even behind the ears!). Since I do love a tan, but hate sitting in the sun… I’ve turned to faux tanning. How to Remove Spray Tan is really the only big thing for me. I’ve tried spraying tanning, which I do like – but it can get pricey real quick. I started researching sunless tanning creams to give me a faux tan a few weeks ago.

How to Get Rid of a Fake Tan

I bought about 3 different brands – Neutrogena, Banana Boat and L’Oreal. I’m going to be totally honest here, I have tried all 3 and I loved all 3. They all worked beautifully and gave me the exact kind of color and glow that I desired.  Spray tanning and putting it on yourself is really the same kind of thing. You can either hit it or miss it completely. You don’t really have any room in the middle. If it looks horrible, it will be HORRIBLE. You definitely don’t want that at all. I’m really big on sharing with other women (through example!) how to remove spray tan or any kind of fake tan because it doesn’t always look good and natural.

Here’s where I’ve messed up. I put the self tanner on my legs and (by mistake) completely forgot that it was on and immediately went running. Yeah, not good. My legs were sweaty and were covered when I got back in dripping sweat. I mean – rookie mistake by far. I don’t know what I was thinking and I can’t believe I did that! I’m literally shaking my head as I type this out. WHO DOES THAT!?

So guess what happened to my tan the next morning when I woke up? Streaks UP AND DOWN my legs. It was so embarrassing! I went online immediately to see how to remove the faux tan. It looked like I had been tie-dyed! I need to find out fast – How to Remove Spray Tan or remove a fake tan! I’ve had this happen with a spray tan before. Not the exact same thing, but I put on tight workout pants AFTER my spray and was streaked up and down my legs from doing that stupid move. Fake tanning tip #1: ALWAYS WEAR LOOSE CLOTHES THE DAY YOU FAKE TAN!

I was able to find a bunch of different ways in which to do it, and I’m happy to share them with you!

Are you ready for my full rundown as to How to remove spray tan?

How to Remove Spray Tan

These tips are in no particular order. I just wanted to make sure I shared everything that I researched! If I’m missing anything on the How to Remove Spray Tan front, share with me in the comments!

1. Baby wipes or cleansing wipes are GREAT for removing areas of your faux tan that aren’t looking good and aren’t even.

2. Head to a steam room at a local gym (or create one in your bathroom) and literally steam and sweat it out for 20 minutes. It really helps to naturally wash it away.

3. Shower with cold water and use a good washcloth to wash your legs. Lather them up! Shaving helps, too.

4. USE St. Tropez Tan Detox. This is a miracle solution in a bottle.

5. Sugar and Lemon Mixture. Mix together one cup of raw sugar and ¾ cup of lemon juice. Using raw sugar is essential as the rough granules scrub away the tan. Rub the mixture over your skin and leave it to sit for a few minutes. After, rinse off with warm water – From

6. Rub Lemon Juice directly over the areas you need to even out. You can put it on a cotton ball or a cloth.

7. Exfoliate and use a really good body wash.

8. Try mixing together sea salt and olive oil. It’s an easy homemade solution to use to even out the areas or get rid of the stains in your wrists and elbows and feet.

I hope these 8 tips helped!! The lemon juice has always worked well for me and it smells yummy, too!

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How to Remove Spray Tan was last modified: June 2nd, 2020 by Audrey McClelland