Spray Tan Tips

I’m a spray tan junkie. There are so many spray tan tips out there. There’s nothing like a spray tan. It takes 20 minutes (if that) and you leave looking sun-kissed and glowing! Here’s the thing, the older I get the more and more I don’t want to even be in the sun – never mind fry my skin under the sun!

Spray Tan Tips

That’s just not for me anymore. When I was a teen I was so stupid, I would spend hours under the sun. But times back then we didn’t know the true damage it was doing to our skin. What I can do now is change my ways and teach my kids the importance of smart sun, too. I’m all about trying to keep my skin healthy.

If I’m in the sun, I’m usually lathered in a 50+ sunblock and rocking a hat, sunglasses and a beach cover-up. I need to make sure I keep myself protected against the harmful sun rays.

But… with all this said, I love a good tan. I really, really do. Spray Tanning has been my go-to for the last few years because it’s easy to do and it’s much better than sitting in the sun for hours and hours and hours! More and more of my mom friends are jumping on the spray tan wagon because it’s just the smartest thing to do in the summer.

If you want that sun-kissed glow, you want to make sure you’re getting it in a smart way. Every time I talk spray tanning, the first question I get from my friends is, “What are the best Spray Tan Tips?” Everyone wants to make sure they’re doing it right and that it will last as long as it can!

The best thing about Spray Tanning is that you can either have someone do it for you OR you can can it done in a booth. I prefer to have someone spray me because they get every single spot on your body.

Spray Tan Tips

Here are my Spray Tan Tips:

  1. If you’re going to have someone Spray Tan you, make sure they know what they’re doing! Don’t laugh, but years ago I bought a spray tan machine and had my husband do it for me. He had not a clue what to do, so the tan was heavy on one side of me and completely blotchy. It looked horrible! That was when I decided to sell the machine and just go to someone I trusted and knew what they were doing! God bless my husband for trying!
  2. Think about the bathing suit you will be wearing throughout the summer. You want to make sure when you get yourself sprayed that you either go commando OR wear the bathing suit that you want to wear to the beach or the pool or wherever you will be! If you’re going to invest in a spray tan, make sure you don’t have crazy tan lines with it.
  3. Rule #1 – Always shave and exfoliate before you get yourself spray tanned! This is something you really need to make sure you do!
  4. I always apply Jergens Tinted Moisturizer on my skin every single day after I get spray tanned. I love to make sure I add to the spray tan and this moisturizer is really light and gives you an additional glow!
  5. After you spray tan wear extra loose clothing home. I always go with gigantic sweats and a loose tank. The spray tan does take some extra time to dry, so you really want to make sure you’re not wearing tight clothes. I wore jeans once and it was horrible! The tan rubbed right off! This was a quick lesson to learn!
  6. If you’re someone who loves a manicure or pedicure get it done 2 or 3 days before! I once had a pedicure done the next day and with the exfoliation and the foot scrub, the tan really did come off. I couldn’t believe it!
  7. Don’t wear makeup! Make sure you go sans all makeup!
  8. Make sure you tan at a good time because you need to shower a good 5-8 hours after you get spray tanned. I always try and spray tan before 12PM, that way I can shower around 8PM – right before bed!

OK, mamas! Here it is! I hope you love your spray! These Spray Tan Tips will hopefully help you get the best spray tan you can get! I love to make sure it lasts long and stays looking good! As soon as you start to see it fade away, I usually exfoliate my skin immediately. I just don’t like people seeing that 1/2 the tan is gone!

Happy Spray Tan!!

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  1. Oh such wonderful tips for spray tanning! I have been thinking about trying it!

  2. I was thinking of doing this, and good to know, these tips are just what I needed!!

  3. I’ve never tried spray tanning, but I’m soooo pale & was thinking of doing it for special occasions. This is super helpful, thanks so much! 😀

  4. I need to get better about exfoliating. If really does make a world of difference in a good way in regards to spray tanning.

  5. I’ve not had a spray tan, and had no idea you can you your own spray tan machine (although I can see how it takes a lot more skill than say, power washing your home with your own power washer). These are good tips. I stay out of the sun and use sunscreen year round, I have some sunless lotion, but haven’t used it yet. I never really considered a spray tan, most folks I know personally who get one it is for a special occasion. But good for you to stay away from tanning beds or laying out in the sun to get tanned.

Spray Tan Tips was last modified: June 13th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland