Swim Team for the Summer is BEST DECISION

Whenever I think of the summer, I always think about swimming and swim team for the kids.  It’s time for the beach. It’s time for the opening of all the summer swim clubs. It’s time for water parks to open up for all the kids. It’s just the perfect outside time of year.

Swim Team for the Summer

When I was a kid, my mom and dad signed me up on a summer swim team at our local pool club. I was scared at first because I didn’t like cold water and I didn’t like waking up early for practice. Those dislikes quickly disappeared… I loved it because I got to swim with my friends every single day and enjoy swim meets twice a week against other local pool clubs. I stayed on that same summer swim team from the time I was 6 years old, all the way till I was 16! 10 years… to me, being on that summer swim team MADE the summer.

I never meant for my kids to become competitive swimmers. I tried to expose them to as many different sports as I could when they were younger… soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball, even tennis! My oldest kept gravitating towards swimming. He just loved it. When the younger guys saw how much William loves swimming, they all wanted to do it, too. So truly… swimming just sort of happened on its own, I never pushed it – especially not the huge competitive program they are in now. I knew they needed to want that on their own, it’s such a commitment and I knew if they didn’t love it… there was zero point to do it.

But… there was one swim rule I was always going to push on them.

I was going to make them join a summer swim team. Period.

Summer Swim Team is so wonderfully low key and just FUN! It’s perfect for ANY level of swimming because it’s just about showing up every morning to practice and just having a good time. There’s no crazy practices. There’s no over-the-top swim moms and dads (and I mean that exactly how it sounds!). There’s no worrying about your kids qualifying for the Olympics. It’s just about showing up to have fun.

All the kids enjoyed being on a summer swim team.

I’ve watched my 4 sons do Summer Swim Team, incidentally, at the same pool club I swam for as a kid for the last 7 years.  William started when he was 5 years old. I’ve seen each one get excited about being old enough to join… the rule of thumb is, if you can swim a lap without stopping, you can join.

Cousins having summer fun

Why Every Kid Should Join a Summer Swim Team

Here is why I truly believe every kid should join a Summer Swim Team (or at least a Summer Team/League):

  1. It’s important for kids in the summer to be part of something. I’ve never wanted my kids to just sit on the couch and do nothing all day. I love that they were signed up to be on a swim team and had to commit to practices an swim meets.
  2. It’s such a GREAT way to meet other kids. This was especially important to me this year because we moved to a new community, making it extra important for my kids to meet kids they’d be going to school with during the year.
  3. Such a wonderful way to get better at swimming. Swimming is an activity / sport that every kid should know. It’s such an important skill. I love seeing them become stronger and better swimmers each summer because they’re being exposed to new coaches and new techniques.
  4. Travel around and experience new pool clubs and new places. We are so used to being just at our own pool club, I love exploring new places with them and letting them see different parts of the state.
  5. Build confidence in you over the summer. I love seeing my kids become more confident with themselves after the swim season. It’s such a great way for them to feel that they’re getting better at something.
  6. As much as the mornings can be early and the water can be cold… it’s nice to have them up and Adam (!) for the day early on!

And an added PS… my sons swam for the swim coach who I swam for as a kid / teenager this summer. Seeing history repeat itself was AWESOME.

My boys with their summer swim team coach.

This is all about swimming because it’s ALL I know. I know that there are so many different leagues and clubs and teams to join in the summer. I’m VERY big on this and I think it’s such a great thing to get your kids involved in during the summer. Allow them to find their “thing” and keep them in it! It’s such a fun way to experience the SUMMER!

Check out my YouTube channel which shares more of our summer fun!

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  1. When our daughter joined the swim team at age 5 I knew absolutely nothing about competitive swimming! NOTHING! I am a professional musician … this was totally out of my comfort zone, but she LOVED it! We didn’t have the option of summer league swimming, so age 5 … she started and she’s not 14 and hasn’t stopped. Your article embodies on many levels the absolute joy swimming brings kids. It is amazing exercise and amazing friendships blossom and expand through swim team. Such fun!

    I have started a new blog that looks at swim team from a parent’s point of view … for the most part. My girls like to weigh in here and there. You might enjoy it. I’d love for you to check it out. Take care and happy school year!

Swim Team for the Summer is BEST DECISION was last modified: June 6th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland