100 Summer Bucket List Ideas

Summer Bucket List Ideas – it’s something my mom would always have our family create at the end of every school year! As soon as school was out, summer began and my mom wanted us to get every single ounce out of summer that we wanted! It makes me smile to think back as to how exciting it was to know that summer was FINALLY here! It was such a feeling of happiness and excitement and anticipation!

This past weekend I was driving with my 2 oldest sons and I told them that I wanted them to put together (with their siblings) a Summer Bucket List. They started tossing ideas left and right! Since I was driving I couldn’t jot anything down, but I told them to remember everything that they were saying because I wanted to make sure we had a running list! Here’s the cool thing about a Summer Bucket List – anything can go! I let my kids toss out ideas that I know we might not get to this summer, but their ideas that get them excited and thinking and ready to plan! I love seeing them come alive and really get into planning out the summer. For me the real treat is being there to capture it all!

So what kinds of things could be on your Summer Bucket List?

Let me share with you 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas that we have come up with throughout the years!

Camping in the Backyard
Camping at a Campground
Drive-in Movie
Mini Golf Adventure
Watching the Sunrise from the Beach
Lemonade Stand
Roller Coaster Riding
Create a Neighborhood Block Party
Collect Seaglass
S’mores at Night (3 times a week!)
Boat Rides
Water Balloon Fights
Head to a Red Sox Game (or any MLB team!)
Make Homemade Ice Cream
Watch Fireworks
Hiking in the Woods
Road Trip to an Amusement Park
Head to the Zoo
Visit an Aquarium
Fishing at Sunrise
Stay up Past Midnight (Kids wanted this!)
Go to a Concert Outside
Watch a 4th of July Parade
Swim in a Lake
Help Plant in the Garden
Painting Project at Home (they want to paint our swingset)
Watch the Stars at Night
Join a Library Reading Club
Sign up for Summer Camps
Building Sandcastles
Try to Canoe Ride
Visit a Strawberry Farm
Ride on a Ferry Boat
Flashlight Tag at Night
Sleepovers with Friends
Make Your Own Popsicles
Make Your Own Music Video
Create Chalk Masterpieces in the Driveway
Bubble Machine Time
Visit a Local Museum
Family 5K
Family Bike Rides
Family Roller Blading
Skipping Rocks into the Water
Beach Trip
Pool Trip
Bowling in the Morning
Movie Night Outside with a Projector
Catch Fireflies
Visit a Local City for the Day
Plane Ride
Train Trip
Pickup Basketball Games at a Local Court
Car Wash for your Neighborhood
Day without Technology
Craft Projects
Waterpark Trip
Visit a Local Playground
Visit a Farmer’s Market
Play Outside ALL DAY
Climb a Tree (make sure it’s safe!)
Create a Scavanger Hunt in our Neighborhood
Find a Pen Pal to Correspond with throughout the Summer
Ice Cream Shop Trips
Water Skiing
Boogie Boarding
Collecting Shells in the Beach
Watch the Sunset
Fly a Kite
Visit Local Fairs in your Area
Walk Dogs
Fancy Dinner
Picnic at the Park
Yard Sale
Play Tennis
Join a Local Team for the Summer (swim, baseball, tennic, etc)
Volunteer Somewhere
Create a Summer Club with your Friends
Plant a Tree
Visit a Planetarium
Visit a Trampoline Park
Play Tag in the Rain
Find a Local Carnival
Visit a Local College Campus
Blueberry Picking
Host a Family Reunion
Buy a Sprinkler or Slip-n-Slide
Hopscotch Time
Create a Time Capsule
Bonfire Nights (with adults)
Water Gun War with Friends
Create a Wiffle Ball Tournament
Make Angels in the Sand
Special Day with Mom and Dad (one kind only!)
Create an Obstacle Course (or visit one)

As you can tell, we have a busy summer! We did a bunch of things this past year which was fun, so it got us in the mood!




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