Things To Do During Summer with Toddlers

I decided to start something this summer that I’m going to do every summer now – Camp Mom. I’m always wondering about Things To Do During Summer with my toddler. It’s something that I cherish because I know how fast the time flies by in the summer. I really wanted to take this time this summer and hold onto it. I wanted to squeeze it and do something special with this one on one time with me and my girl. So CAMP MOM is in full effect!

Things To Do During Summer

Things To Do During Summer

Things To Do During Summer

Victoria is officially out of preschool. She got out on Friday, which means it’s just the 2 of us till her brothers get out on June 21st. I had the option to put her in preschool camp for the next 3 weeks, but I figure it would be nice for her to get some mom time alone… not only with me, but with my mom, too! It’s going to be all hands on deck till summer officially/officially kicks off for the McClelland family!

Since I work from home, it’s not going to be the easiest to have Victoria home. I mean, she’s 4 years old and it going to want to DO THINGS, not just sit and watch TV. I also know I can’t expect her to just sit and watch TV… that’s not fair to do to her. I can’t even entice her with YouTube Kids all day! She’s a ball full of energy, so I know I need to get out and DO!

I’ve struggled with this work from home “thing” forever. I try my hardest to get everything done in due time and be on top of everything. I’ll be honest, usually I’m pretty good at it. But I’m determined to spend a couple hours each day with my beautiful little angel throughout the next 3 weeks because I know it will mean so much to her. The beauty is that she doesn’t care what we do, just as long we’re together.

Things To Do During Summer

On the last day of her preschool her teacher sent home some ideas as to what to do throughout the summer with your little ones to keep them busy and (in all honest) ready for Kindergarten. I took a calendar last night and laid out CAMP MOM for the month of June. Not everything will as grand as a ZOO visit, but the things that we do will matter.

If you’re like me and trying to find some fun and different things to do with your little ones this summer, I’m going to be sharing my “Camp Mom” structure for Victoria each Monday throughout the month. I want to thank her teacher for the inspiration, too! She was awesome giving some ideas that I have incorporated into the schedule, too! Working from home and trying to balance it all is never easy, but it’s doable. Everything is figureoutable… that’s my favorite thing to say, you just need to get creative sometimes with your time!

Things To Do During Summer – Week 1

OK… Week 1!

And we’re having fun with it! I told Victoria to choose a mascot – she chose CHERRIES! I told her we would take photos and videos and show the brothers, too!

Do what you know you can do to make it fun and exciting and meaningful!

Camp Mom: Mommy and Victoria!

Things To Do During Summer

Things To Do During Summer – PDF file

Here’s the PDF version if you want to print out, too!
Camp Mom – Week 1

We would love for you to follow along and do these at home with your kids!

Next up! Roger Williams Zoo this upcoming week!

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  1. I love the concept Camp Mom! I do hope you enjoy those weeks just the two of you, she is so darn cute! And the list sounds fun!

  2. It wouldn’t let me leave a comment on the sephora giveaway! I would love new lip gloss!

    As for this post! Museums and Orchards are our go to!

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