Flatbread’s Providence

If you’re looking for a great family restaurant in Rhode Island, head to Flatbread’s Providence. That’s right, you will enjoy a great atmosphere, delicious food and (most important right now) a safe environment. When you’re dining with or without your family, it really is just a great place to come for a fantastic meal.

Flatbread’s Providence

I first went to a Flatbread Company restaurant in North Conway, NH years and years ago. Let’s put it this way, it was before Victoria was born! I remember loving the brick oven in the middle of the restaurant and I also remember loving that with 4 little boys, I didn’t feel uncomfortable.

When I heard Flatbread’s Providence was coming, I was beyond excited! We actually used to swim at a swim club out of Brown University with the kids, so it was an easy walk over to the restaurant. If you’re wondering where it is, it’s located at 161 Cushing Street.

We were invited for an afternoon lunch by Flatbread’s Providence a couple of weeks ago with our family. I’m telling you right now, there’s not many places my entire family gets excited to go – this is one of them!

I know that while dining out right now, one of the biggest questions being asked is how are the safety measures. I want to address how amazing Flatbread’s Providence was at their location at the top of my post because it’s something that’s important to me.

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#1 Upon entering I loved that there was a sanitizing pump for us to use. Love that you have this option right away before you sit down.

#2 Tables were ALL clearly 6 feet or more apart, which is exactly what I wanted to see because we ate inside.

#3 Staff were all wearing masks properly.

#4 They gave individual crayons to each family rather than a crayon cup.

#5 Menus were printables, so you don’t have to worry about sharing.

#6 Plexiglass was up between booths.

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Just so you know, too. This is posted on their site as to what they’re doing:

Some of the things we are doing to Keep YOU Well……

  • Requiring all team members to complete “ServSafe Covid-19” training that focuses on sanitation and modified service procedures.
  • Wearing cloth face masks and practicing social distancing.
  • Appointing a designated “sanitarian”  every shift to assure increased cleaning in bathrooms as well as common areas every 20 minutes along with compliance to our other sanitary and safety processes we have put in place.
  • Limiting our seating capacity for social distancing

Some of the things we need YOUR help with when you join us….

  • Please call in advance to make a reservation using the contact information located on this page as we are not allowed to have you wait at the restaurant.
  • Limit your party size to no more than Eight
  • Share our common respect by wearing your face mask as required by the Honorable Governor Raimondo whenever you are not seated at the table or when you are interacting with our team members
  • Honestly answer the Wellness questions that will be posed before seating for you and the members of your party.

Some of the things we are doing to Keep Our Team Member’s Well….

  • Introduced paid sick leave for all team members in addition to Covid-19 requirements.
  • Conducting Daily Team Member Wellness Checks
  • Wearing cloth face masks as well as practicing social distancing in our work spaces.
  • Using designated delivery areas to mitigate the possibilities of cross-contamination.

I was really impressed with all of the measures Flatbread’s Providence took because it’s clear that they want their guests to have an enjoyable, yet safe meal.

Now let’s dive into the food! I’m salivating just thinking about it! 

We have our go-to’s – Jay’s Heart and Punctuated Equilibrium.

Jay’s Heart: Homemade wood-fired cauldron organic tomato sauce, premium whole milk mozzarella and parmesan cheese baked on organic bread dough with garlic oil and our own blend of organic herbs

Flatbread's Providence

Punctuated Equilibrium: Imported Kalamata olives, fresh organic rosemary, organic red onions, Vermont artisan goat cheese and fire-roasted sweet red peppers, premium whole milk mozzarella our homemade garlic oil and our own blend of organic herbs

Flatbread's Providence

My personal advice? DO NOT order until you ask for the specials. We ALWAYS get one of the specials. If you want both, get 1/2 and 1/2.

Flatbread's Providence

I mean, how goes does this look?

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This is how you know you’ve hit a home run, see these empty plates and trays?

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Let’s talk atmosphere. It’s perfect for families. There’s music. There’s a brick oven. There’s just happiness at Flatbread’s Providence. You feel it when you walk in. You feel it when you’re sitting there. You feel it when you’re eating. It’s a beautifully contagious feeling.

Flatbread's Providence

I love that kids feel welcome! That’s the most important to me. You know how amazing it feels to have your family feel welcome? Not having to worry about bringing a baby in? Toddlers? It’s a great feeling to know that you don’t have to worry. Families are welcome.

Flatbread's Providence

Thank you to Flatbread’s Providence for being such a great go to destination. We’ve had a great time every single time we’ve come in for a meal.

We will be there again and again! We love it so much and really always have an incredible time. It’s such a spot to enjoy and laugh and joke and be together. Being together is the most important thing to me. I love looking around the table and seeing these faces. They’re my people and Flatbread’s Providence allows us to have great memories together.

You can also order out or eat outside, too! Great options for families to have! Love that it’s a fabulous place to go!

Check out my 50 Things to Do in November with your family. It’s all about making sure you’re doing things together and have a good time. I wanted to create a list that would be beneficial for a family. I think it’s so much fun to have a go to list. I hope there’s something here for you to do with your family.

Disclosure: Dinner was comped.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I have friends that live in Rhode Island. I’ll recommend this place to them!

Flatbread’s Providence was last modified: October 28th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland