Questions to Ask Your Husband – 50 of Them to Make Smile

When was the last time you just has questions to ask your husband about your marriage and relationship, just for fun? We drove to New Hampshire (great getaway if you live close!) this weekend with the kids.

It’s about a 3 hour drive for us and on the way I asked my husband dozens of questions about me and our marriage and it was so much fun! Even our kids got a kick out of it.

Questions to Ask Your Husband



I’m not talking about the kinds of questions to get him (ahem!) in trouble, I just wanted to ask him questions that I thought would be fun to know and also to see if he remembered some stuff from the past.

Every marriage has a story. It was fun coming up with questions to ask your husband to share here, too.


The best was seeing my husband’s face as I asked the question, there was a little bit of fear (will I remember this answer?) and excitement on this face.

I also thought it was fun to come up with questions to ask your husband because so many off us are busy in our lives that we sometimes forget to STOP and just have some fun together.

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You’re married for a reason and it’s that love and bond that keeps you together. It’s a sacred one and it’s fun for your kids to see you having fun with each other too! So have some FUN with these QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR HUSBAND!

Laughing with your Husband

Are you ready for all 50 questions to ask husband?

1. What was the song we danced to at our wedding?

2. How many bridesmaids did I have?

3. Where were we the first time we met?

4. What was your first reaction of me?

5. When did you know you wanted to marry me?

6. What’s the one thing you love that I wear?

7. What’s your favorite thing (activity) to do with me?

8. What’s the one thing I’ve done that has surprised you in our marriage?

9. What way do you like the most how I wear my hair?

10. When did you first tell your family about me?

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11. What did you think of my family the first time you met them?

12. What’s been the best memory of our marriage so far?

13. Did you ever think we’d be HERE (meaning wherever you are in life right now) in our marriage?

14. When did you know I’d be a good mom?

15. What’s my favorite ice cream flavor?

16. How do I order my coffee?

17. Where do you see us in 10 years?

18. What’s one place you’d still like to visit in this world?

19. What’s my favorite color?

20. How did you react when I said I would marry you?

Husband and Wife Questions

21. What’s one thing I love to do every morning?

22. What’s the one thing that I do that you can’t stand? (You can be honest!)

23. Where did we go on our very first date?

24. Did you know after our first date that I was the one?

25. Were you scared or excited to introduce me to your family?

**You’re 1/2 way done! Only 25 more Questions to Ask your Husband**

26. Would you describe me as adventurous?

27. How would you describe me to someone?

28. What’s been ONE thing I’ve done that’s made you proud?

29. What’s one thing that you were glad you didn’t miss in my life?

30. What’s one thing I used to wear that you miss?

Husband and Wife Questions
We’re Married!

31. Do you prefer me with makeup on or off?

32. Do you know the name of my hairdresser?

33. What’s my go to place to eat when we’re eating out?

34. Would I prefer McDonald’s OR Taco Bell?

35. Would I prefer ice cream OR cake?

36. Would I prefer Dunkin’ or Starbuck’s?

37. How would you describe me as a mother?

38. When have you relied on me?

39. What’s one big dream you have for us in the future?

40. Am I doing today (for a job) what you thought I’d be doing?

Husband and Wife Questions

41. What makes me the most happiest in life?

42. Why did you want to marry me?

43. Who is my best friend?

44. What’s one thing in life you know I would never (ever) do?

45. What’s one thing that you know always drives me crazy/

46. Name the TV show I would watch over and over and over again.

47. Who said “I love you” first? And where?

48. Where did we go on our very first vacation together?

49. What’s the one thing you love the most about me?

50. What’s been the greatest thing that you’ve learned in life during our marriage?

Audrey and Matt McClelland

OK, there’s the full list of questions to ask your husband. Fun, right? I know that he might not know the answer to every single one (if he does, HUGE BONUS POINTS FOR HIM!). I just wanted to make sure I created a list that was fun and also one that made your heart skip a beat too talking about the past.


I always feel that the past is the one thing we forget to talk about as we get older. I love thinking back to the first day we met or to our first date or the first time he said I love you to me. It makes my heart soar.

We’ve been together for over 20 years, so it was a long time ago! The past is important and sometimes it even helps with the present.

Matthew McClelland and Audrey McClelland

Have a good time with these questions to ask your husband and you can even flip them around and have him ask you, too! They would work for either husband or wife, just make sure to have a good time with them.

I love being able to share stuff like this because I think it’s just a cool and different thing to do with your partner.

Audrey McClelland's Husband

My advice? Take these out while you’re in the car together and there aren’t many distractions coming at you in life… phone calls, kids, work, etc. We played this in the car on the way up to New Hampshire and an hour passed before we knew it.

And (again) we also loved that the kids all wanted to hear our answers, too.

Matthew Mcclelland

ENJOY Questions to Ask Your Husband! I know that some of these are intimate questions to ask your husband, but (hey!) maybe you’ll find out some answers to things you didn’t know!

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Questions to Ask Your Husband – 50 of Them to Make Smile was last modified: April 6th, 2021 by Audrey McClelland