Where To Buy Flowers for Valentine’s Day

When you think about where to buy flowers for Valentine’s Day, Stop & Shop may not top your list – but check out all of the amazing gifts they have for everyone you may be shopping for!

My Valentine’s Day list is always long because it’s important to me to celebrate with all the ones I love! Oh, yes… it’s not just my husband getting a Valentine surprise from me! I have my 5 kids, my mom, my grandmother to shop for, too! Not to mention, for my children I also take care of the Valentine’s Day treats for their classes! So the big DAY OF LOVE is a BIG DEAL in the McClelland household!

I partnered with Stop & Shop this Valentine’s Day to show you how convenient they are to shop for everyone on your list!

where to buy valentine's day gifts

That’s right, Stop & Shop is truly a one stop shop for anyone looking to get something special for the one (or ones) that they love. I loved having the opportunity to head into one of my local stores to (literally) get everyone on my list covered. It was so much fun to see the Valentine’s Day offerings, the gorgeous varieties of different flowers and the yummy treats!

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Where to buy Valentine’s Day Gifts

Check out my Valentine’s Day fun…

Pretty cool, right?

I was able to get GORGEOUS bouquets of roses for my mom and grandmother, which they are going to LOVE. It’s just unreal to me that Stop & Shop sells 1.1 million roses in the first 2 weeks of February! That’s mind-boggling to me! 1.1 million! The varieties that they have in color and size was wonderful, too. It was great have selections and not just one color/variety to pick from for the special ladies in my life!

I loved being able to score some fun treats down the Seasonal Aisle! If you’re looking for any fun Valentine’s Day candy, shop there! There’s truly something for everyone! My sons are OBSESSED with Heart Lollipops and the Conversation Hearts (as am I) for Valentine’s Day! It was fun stocking up for them!

If you need to shop for some yummy bakery treats for your house, your school or any occasion, you’ll find cupcakes, cookies, brownies and cakes all at the Bakery! I love picking up stuff for the classrooms and I especially love how festive everything is decorated! You’ll score some relish treats there!

If you’re looking for any gift ideas… there are gift cards, plush toys and little games throughout the store! I score some gift cards for all the guys in my life and (believe me) they will be thrilled!! There’s also GORGEOUS card offerings, too!

I love being able to share different options out there for families! Make sure you keep Stop & Shop in mind while you’re shopping over the next few days for Valentine’s Day!! OR!! You could do what I’m going to do… send this video to my husband as a “subtle” hint for gorgeous flowers!! Wink! Wink!

Have a wonderful day everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Find a Stop & Shop near you at StopandShop.com.

Disclosure: Sponsored Post and Video with Stop & Shop. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. The is a ton of roses! I love places like that too though, where I can go in with a list of people to cover or things to pick up, and actually come out totally finished. I have pretty bad anxiety some days, so it’s always nice when I don’t have to make the rounds of several different stores in order to get things done that need doing.

  2. I never do Valentines. We exchange cards sometimes and sometimes we go out to dinner. This year has been rough, we aren’t jelling as well as we have the last 21 years, so I thin I’m going to shake it up this year with some surprises of my own.

  3. I love celebrating Valentine’s Day. We usually do a family dinner together and rent something that we can all snuggle up on the couch together and watch.

  4. Valentines is becoming a big dal in my house now two. Especially since my kids are 6 and 3 so now they have to bring cupcakes and valentines cards. My aunts and mother also love this holiday. They make and sell valentine basket and other things.

  5. Love one-stop shops. They are a lifesaver especially when you have a lot of people to get gifts for at the same time. I think I This is a perfect way to get everything all in one place! All done. thanks for sharing, this is such a fab idea. And I love the butter tray

  6. Wow! Looks like a great place to get flowers! I think it’s awesome that you got your mom and grandmom some flowers as well. I can’t believe they sell that much roses! Amazing!

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