SleepNumber Beds Keep you Healthy

I’ve always been into fitness and health. I was a big competitive swimmer throughout my childhood, even qualifying for Junior Nationals when I was 14 years old. After college, I retired my swimming gear and found running when I moved to NYC. I loved running in the Park after work with my friends and fiancé at the time (now husband!)! Now it’s all about realizing that my sleep goes along with fitness and that SleepNumber Beds have helped me get there.

SleepNumber Beds Keep you Healthy

SleepNumber Beds Keep you Healthy

Even when I started having my children, I always made fitness a priority. I wasn’t able to run mile after mile, but I was able to power walk throughout my neighborhood with a stroller or hike with our family. I’ve just always tried to keep myself fully immersed in something fitness related to keep me healthy.

SleepNumber Beds Keep you Healthy

For me personally, it’s body, mind and soul… not just the physical piece of it. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen and felt how important my fitness routine is for me mentally and emotionally. I set different kinds of goals for me all the time and truly staying in shape for myself is a passion of mine.

But, there’s one HUGE factor in keeping myself fueled and able to stay on top of my fitness and health goals… my sleep. My sleep impacts everything for me. If I don’t get a good night’s sleep, I can’t function properly. I’m tired. I’m sluggish. I’m irritable. It’s not pretty, at all.

This past winter we switched to a SleepNumber Beds x12 bed. I’ve ALWAYS wanted one, so when the opportunity came up to work with SleepNumber Beds, I jumped at the chance. Our mattress before our Sleep Number wasn’t able to track our sleep patterns or adjust to a comfort level fit for each of us. It was pretty much you get what you get. My husband likes his mattress much different than I like mine. He’s all about firm and I’m all about a little softer. My sleep for years was always off – I’d wake up all the time, have backaches and would constantly sleep with 3 pillows behind my back. It was horrible! To be honest with you, I was just accepting the fact that this was how my sleep would be for now on. I just went with it and tried to make the best of it.

Then we got our Sleep Number beds.

Get the best sleep ever

Just how I’ve always felt it’s important to keep myself healthy with fitness, I’ve seen first-hand how important it is to keep yourself healthy with a solid night’s sleep. Sleep is what allows your body to rest and get itself ready for the next day. Sleep is what rejuvenates you. Sleep is what keeps you going and keeps you healthy.

With our SleepNumber beds we can choose our own individual comfort on each side of the bed. We don’t have to be mirrored twins! It’s amazing because truly what I like, my husband doesn’t. He’s 250 pounds, I’m 120 pounds. He’s 6’3”, I’m 5 feet tall!

Get the best sleep ever

We’re as different as you can get shape and body wise, as is our Sleep Number® settings. Sleep Number beds have DualAir™ technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. You just keep adjusting until you find your happy spot! Also, the SleepIQ® technology gives you the knowledge to adjust for your best sleep. I’m truly OBSESSED with the SleepIQ technology.

SleepIQ technology

Sensors work directly with Advanced DualAir™ technology inside the SleepNumber beds to measure your average breathing rate, average heart rate, and movement show you the quality of your sleep. It’s unreal when you wake up and see what your sleep has been like! You then can be the captain of your own sleep and change/adjust what you need to in order to make your next night perfect.

Quality sleep is as important as a healthy diet and exercise. Make sure you take the necessary measures to ensure that your sleep is working FOR you. Sleep is what restores us at night so we can be our best, most productive selves tomorrow. I absolutely love and appreciate that Sleep Number is dedicated to providing solutions that offer quality sleep.

Make sleep a priority in your life, just as your fitness and health is, too!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Sleep Number. All opinions are 100% my own. This post is sponsored by SLEEP NUMBER®.

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  1. I would love to own a Sleep number bed. My husband and I like different types of bed types and it would be perfect, it is good to hear that you love yours so much!

  2. Sleep is so not underrated. As I’ve gotten older, it’s harder and harder for me to get a good night’s rest of more than 4-5 hours. I’ve thought about checking out Sleep Number and really think I’m going to.

  3. I have always wanted one of these beds. Shopping for a mattress was one of the toughest things when we got married for exactly the same reasons ^^^

  4. I have always been curious about Sleep Number. My husband really wants to get it, but I just can’t seem to get over how expensive it is. Maybe we can save up and get a Sleep Number mattress in the future. We’ve heard nothing but good thing about their product.

  5. I must totally agree with this: a good night’s sleep is key in keeping up with your health. A Sleep Number bed sounds absolutely wonderful – gotta check it out with my husband.

  6. This is so super-true. When I get a good night’s sleep I can do anything better. I slept on a sleep number at my sisters and loved it. I felt so great in the morning

  7. I haven’t had a really good night sleep in –well actually since I adopted my current cat. she truly believes that all I need is 4 hours of sleep–then up for a while–then another 4. My mattress is not helping–I need a new one! That sleepnumber mattress sounds like heaven.

  8. Sounds like a really good mattress! My husband also likes his side firmer. Me I like it soft! Finding a good mattress can be challenging! So happy that you found one you love.

  9. The sleep number sounds like a great bed to have, I am betting it has alleviated couples fighting over beds for ages now 😉 Love this post!

  10. I know that I am in the minority here, but I do not like our Sleep Number bed. It is an older model and maybe that makes a difference, but I’ve had to put a mattress topper on my side to make it a bearable nights sleep. Our bed looks ridiculous with the height difference. I must be fair and say that my husband loves it and gets a great nights sleep! Your remote looks very different from ours, so maybe they have improved them.

SleepNumber Beds Keep you Healthy was last modified: April 24th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland