Preparing for the Holidays while Managing your Stress #SleepNumber

Between now and December 31st it’s all about the holidays. We celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s with BIG celebrations at our house. We have over 20 people at our house for each holiday! It’s a crazy, big and fun time of year. As much as I love to entertain and prepare to deck the halls for our holiday festivities (our tree is already up!), I also know that this time can stress me out!

How do I manage this stress?

How do I keep myself going?

The answer is pretty simple for me… it’s all about maintaining and getting a good night’s sleep, especially (and doubly important) during the holidays. For me, sleep impacts everything. If I don’t get a good night’s sleep, I just can’t function properly. With 5 kids and entertaining on top of that, you can only imagine JUST how important sleep is for me during this time of year. If I don’t get enough sleep, believe me – you know! I’m tired. I’m sluggish. I’m irritable. It’s just not pretty, at all.

Sleep is the best way for me to keep myself healthy, grounded and stress-free during the holidays because I make it a priority AND I have the best bed in the world!

Last year around this time we switched to a Sleep Number x12 bed. I’m telling you right now, it changed EVERYTHING FOR ME. The mattress we used before our Sleep Number was just a regular old mattress. It just was a place to sleep – that was it. I thought it was comfortable and worked for me until I slept for the first time on my Sleep Number x12 bed. It was UNBELIEVABLE. It was a completely different experience for me! It was truly like REALLY sleeping for the first time in the perfect environment. To be able to track my sleep patterns and adjust to a comfort level fit for just me was amazing. My husband likes his mattress much different than I like mine. He’s all about firm and I’m all about soft. Being able to adjust to what I need and what I want and what I desire with my Sleep Number bed was exactly what I needed. Believe me, me and my husband are as different as you can get when it comes to shape and body size, as are our Sleep Number® settings. Sleep Number beds have DualAir™ technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. You just keep adjusting until you find your happy spot! Also, the SleepIQ® technology gives you the knowledge to adjust for your best sleep.

So… with the HOLIDAYS right around the corner, it’s ultra important for me to make sure I’m keeping myself in my regular sleep pattern. screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-9-52-30-amI’m all about trying to get 7-8 hours a night, and with the holidays – regardless of how busy and chaotic it can get – I try to maintain this, too. I know that the best way to shine and be throughout the holidays strongly is strongly attached to how well of a sleep I’m routinely getting. I URGE you to make sure you’re doing the same for yourself during this time of year, too and (yes!!) check out a Sleep Number bed!!

If you’re not sure yet if Sleep Number would be a good fit for you, head to a Sleep Number store and check one out up close and personal. What I love about visiting a Sleep Number location is that you have the experience to see exactly what separates them from everyone else. You can see how to track your patterns. You can see how you have the ability to adjust and cater a sleep preference to you exactly. You can see how it would be a perfect fit for you and your partner. Most important, you can see how comfortable a Sleep Number bed is… regardless if you like it firm, soft or down the middle, there’s something for you! It really is just the best way to ensure the most perfect night sleep for yourself… and yes, that impacts your day and your life!

I recently had the chance to check out some Sleep Number products, too! They don’t just do mattresses! Sleep Number sent along Winter Soft Sheets, a Tech-E Pillow, a ComfortFit Pillow and Ultra Plush Throw! screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-9-55-04-amI have to say… I’m OBSESSED with all of them!! The Winter Soft Sheets are like sleeping on the softest fabric ever! High-quality polyester microfiber is non-pilling for lasting warmth and they’re tested to ensure superior quality. I have had the BEST “colder” night sleeps with the sheets! Just perfection for this New England girl! screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-9-54-22-amThe Tech-E Pillow is awesome! I do a ton of work from bed, so this is great to have to be able to hold my laptop and give me that extra work comfort. It’s amazing for supporting at just the right angle for browsing and reading comfortably. The ComfortFit Pillow is my husband’s personal fave! You can experience the conforming support of memory foam with the soft comfort of down alternative fiber—all in one pillow. Memory foam pieces blended with premium down alternative fiber offer a unique fill that won’t lose its shape.  My husband loves the support! And last but not least, the Ultraplush Throw! Now – I love a good throw! I have them throughout my house. This one is delicious! It’s soft. It’s yummy. It’s warm. And it’s cozy. It’s EVERYTHING you want in a throw!screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-9-57-59-am

Believe me, if you’re looking to manage your stress during the holidays while you prepare and prep and celebrate – SLEEP needs to be on the top of your list! Indulge yourself (because you deserve it!) in Sleep Number’s amazing products that they offer that will also add to the comfort and stress management during the holidays!

My wish for you all… may this holiday season by healthy, happy and stress-free!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored posting with Sleep Number. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Maybe it is time for a new mattress. I haven’t really looked at mattresses that way, because I am really tired at the end of each day that I am asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Thanks for the review of Sleep Number. I’m checking them out.

  2. I’ve never heard of this brand before where I lived. I always look for a good mattress to sleep on. A good night sleep is so important. I’d be checking on this one.

  3. I hear you the holidays are very stressful between work, managing a home business, making meals, shopping and hosting the family we do not sleep well. I need a bed like this soon =)

  4. I so desperately need a new mattress. I am going to look onto one of these and see if I love it–Heaven knows I could use a good nights sleep!

  5. Omg this is literally my dream bed!!!!!! Hubby and I have visited the Sleep Number store before and fell in love with the beds!!

Preparing for the Holidays while Managing your Stress #SleepNumber was last modified: July 3rd, 2017 by admin