30 Mother Daughter Day Trips

Looking for some fun mother daughter day trips? It’s important to make sure you’re taking time to do special things with your daughter(s). If you’re looking for some ideas, these 30-day trip ideas will help you out.

30 Mother Daughter Day Trips

mother daughter day trips

It’s too tough right now to take mother daughter vacations, but you can do some mother daughter day trips. You don’t need to travel far to have a special bonding moment with your daughter. It can be as easy as having a fun and simple mother-daughter weekend.

When trying to come up with some fun mother daughter day trips it’s important to think about a few things:

  1. Where can you both go that you will enjoy?
  2. What’s close to you that you can get to with ease?
  3. What’s a fun place to go together that you’ll want to go back again (and again)?

Victoria McClelland

I remember when I was younger my mom would take us (my sister and I) on a fun mother daughter weekend. We would go to New Hampshire or Boston or a destination that we could get to in an hour or so drive. It was always so much fun. The older we got, the more we looked forward to these fun mother daughter trips.

Now that I have a daughter of my own, taking a mother daughter vacation is something I yearn to do with my Victoria. Right now we have to stick with mother daughter day trips, but I also know that day trips can be just as fun and just as special.

mother daughter day trips

30 Ideas for Mother Daughter Day Trips


Do you love to relax? Take your daughter to the spa and get massages, enjoy a sauna and get pampered. This is a wonderful way to just be there and laugh and sit and just be together. Book a spa near you that you can enjoy. This is one of those mother daughter day trips you will love.

Audrey McClelland and Victoria McClelland


This is fun activity to do for a kid of any age if they love animals. It’s so much fun to walk around the zoo and see all the animals and activities going on.


If you love antiques, this is a great mother daughter activity to do together. Go to some different locations and do some lovely antiquing. This is a fun way to pass the time together and buy some treasured items.

Audrey McClelland - Victoria McClelland - Mini Fashionista


Shopping is a pastime that I love to do with my daughter. This is one activity that most moms and daughters love to do together. This is a fun one because you can go shopping at the mall, outdoor spaces or even to a local City.


If you love music, head to the concert scene. This is a great thing to do with your daughter. See what concerts are going on near you and spend the day dancing and singing away.

mother daughter day trips


Heading to the theater can be a fun activity to do for the day. This is a fun experience to do with your kids because it’s just a great activity. This is one of those mother daughter day trips that you will hopefully continue to do. Bringing the arts to your kids is so important.


If you have a City near you, head to it! Spend the day walking around and enjoying your local City. We live an hour from Boston, so we could head to Boston and spend the entire day walking around.


If you have a little fashionista, this is a great fun mother daughter activity to do together. This is a fun one to do if you’re able to get to a fashion show.

mother daughter day trips


This is one of the most fun things to do with your daughter! Dress up and head out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. This is a great thing to do with your mother and remember this fabulous experience.


Many pools are open right now (indoor or outdoor – depending on where you live), so if you’re a lover of the water – head to a swimming pool and enjoy this incredible experience. This is a fun day trip to do with your mother.


Find a destination near you where you can do some fun zip lining! This is a cool day trip experience with your mother that would be super fun and unique!

Victoria McClelland


Looking for a fun day to spend together? Find a museum near you that you and your daughter would enjoy together. Learn, read and have some fun.


This is one of the most fun things to do if you love to enjoy some outdoor markets. Grab your baskets and bags and head to your local Farmer’s Market to enjoy some produce.


This is a great mom and daughter day trip to do. Here’s a fun activity to do with your daughter and get yourself moving and healthy.

Victoria McClelland


Another fun activity to do with your daughter to keep yourself moving. Kayaking is a fun thing to do with your daughter because you need to work together.


My daughter LOVES makeup! Taking a day trip to a makeup store would be the ultimate destination for my daughter. Get some makeovers and create some memories.


Take a day trip to your local salon and enjoy some new hairstyles and nails! This is something I’ve been doing with my own daughter since she was 3 years old.

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Time for a fancy tea party! This is a fun mother daughter day trip to do with your daughter. This is such a special activity to do and create a tradition from it.


This is for the mothers with little daughters. Take your daughter to a playground near you that is massive and fun. This is a fun day trip for moms and daughters.

McClelland Family


Want to take a day trip to a park? Add some extra excitement by bringing along a picic, too!


You can walk the beach or sit and enjoy it with your daughter. Spend the day watching the ocean and listening to the waves. Collect shells or seaglass. Just have a fun day enjoying.


Many moms and daughters love to fish. Send the day out on a lake or near some water fishing. This is a fun mother daughter experience.

Ski Family Time - Stratton Mountain Resort


If you’re into biking, take some time on some trails near your house. Spend the day on your bikes and enjoying each other and the views.


Anyone love apple picking? Such a FUN experience with your daughter for the day.


If you love apple picking, you’ll love strawberry picking! Take some time to enjoy the beauty of strawberry picking.


Head to a local nursery for the day and shop for new plants and flowers.

Family Ski Holidays


Depending upon where you live, head to the slopes for a fabulous day trip with your daughter! Whether you’re daughter is little or big, this is a great activity to do together.


Take a cooking class together somewhere locally. This is a great way to spend the day!


Spend the day playing tennis at some courts that aren’t near you! Find a court that is beautiful and groomed and head there. What a fun day trip with your mother and daughter duo!

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This might be the ultimate mother daughter day trip experience. Find an amusement park near you and enjoy the day riding and laughing!

As you can tell there are a ton of mother daughter day trips you can do. You don’t have to limit yourself.

You can even do some road trips, too! Come up with some great mother daughter road trip ideas and bring these into your day trip experiences. All in all – take time for mother daughter weekends. Spending time together is the one gift you have, so make sure you take it!

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