Thankful List for the Holidays

One thing families can do together this seasons is create a holiday thankful list. Many do “What I’m Thankful For” Lists during the Thanksgiving season, but it’s also fun to do as a family during the holidays.

Thankful List for the Holidays

Holiday Thankful List

One thing I’ve learned this year most than ANY year is to appreciate the silver linings of life. I’ve been trying to share with my own 5 kids the importance of giving thanks and finding the blessings in life when it’s been a bit of a tough year for everyone.

This year in particular is a good year to sit down and really work through things that you’re thankful for. This Holiday Thankful List is a good one to use because it will make you stop and think about things A-Z.

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Can you do it? Can you sit with your family and come up with a full alphabetized list of things you’re thankful for or for blessed about this last year. I wanted thins Holiday Thankful List to be something that really made you stop and think.

My advice for filling out this list is pretty simple.

Sit down and just start jotting down on a piece of paper all the things you’re thankful for right now. Create a “scratch” sheet of random things to begin your thankful list. Don’t worry about matching up letters (yet). That piece is just for fun!

Then go through and start matching up some of the letters! You’ll probably have an easy time with a bunch of the letters, but it will start to get a little tricky when you get to Q, X and Z! So start thinking of those ones and see what you can come up with as a family!

Here are the (2) Thankful List variations for the holidays:

Holiday Thankful List

Here is an easy holiday printable, click here to print it.

Holiday Thankful List

Here is an easy holiday printable, click here to print it.

When it comes to this holiday season, there’s a lot to think about this last year. We’ve all had ups and downs. We’ve all had good moments and tough moments. We’ve all seen so much happen and in order to kick off 2021 on a good and positive note, it’s important to think of the positive of 2020.

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Think of the good moments.

Think of the good things.

Think of the kindness of people.

Think about what made you happy.

Think about what kept you sane.

Think about what made your kids happy.

Think about the simplicity of life over the last year.

Think about how resourceful you needed to be.

It’s within all of these moments that hopefully the things to fill up your Holiday Thankful List will lay. Don’t look at this as a challenge. Look at this as an opportunity to look at the last year and find the moments that made 2020 a good one for you.

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Did you start a new passion?

Did you family expand?

Did someone in your life start something new?

Did you child learn a new skill?

Did you make new friends?

Has your circle expanded?

Did you join a new group?

Did you learn how to cook or sew?

Did you start working out?

Did you start writing?

Did you look for a new job?

Did you meet someone new?

Did you start crafting?

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Think about all of the experiences of 2020 and hone in on the things that were silver linings. Maybe these silver linings are smaller moments, but those moments count! Did you join TikTok and meet a new community of people? Did you start a new TV show? These count!

We sometimes look over the things that make us happy without thinking about it. It’s setting a coffee pot to brew before you wake up. It’s creating a chore chart and having your family chip in. It’s making time to drive by and say hello to friends and family.

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These are the special moments and the silver linings that make a Holiday Thankful List unique and special to you. It’s these moments that count and are added to your happy list for 2020. These are the thankful moments we need to remember and share and embrace.

Take time with your family to create one. Maybe you’ll have a family one and then have each member create their own. However you want to do it, do what works best for you. This is supposed to be a fun family activity, so make it count and work for you!

If you’re looking for additional holiday activities to do with your kids, check out this fun Holiday Word Scramble.

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  1. This would be great for all the kids to fill out. They need to be reminded of how blessed they truly are.

  2. Very nice reminder to count your blessings. 2020 has really driven home the point that the most important things are health and family. Everything else is secondary.

Thankful List for the Holidays was last modified: December 6th, 2020 by admin