Niman Ranch Strip Steak for Dinner

We’re all about hearty and delicious dinners. If you’re like us, you need to try Niman Ranch Strip Steak. It is (in a word) sensational.  It’s the perfect dinner item and can be prepped and served in a variety of different ways.

Niman Ranch Strip Steak for Dinner

I’ve been working with Perdue Farms for over a year now as an ambassador and one of the best things about it is that I get to try some of the most incredible products. They sent along some Niman Ranch Strip Steak recently and it instantly became a fan favorite.

It’s not easy finding food items and dinner options that everyone in our family will eat. I have picky eaters in my family and it’s not always easy to satisfy everyone. I’m happy to report that Niman Ranch Strip Steak has been added to our McClelland family dinner wins.

Perdue Farms Niman Ranch

  • Niman Ranch steaks are aged for at least 21 days to ensure exceptional flavor and tender texture.
  • All Niman Ranch Cattle are:
    • 100% Pure Angus, Attesting to the Breed’s Notable Flavor and Consistently First-Rate Quality.
    • Only Fed a 100% Vegetarian Diet
    • Never Given Hormones or Antibiotics – EVER
    • Certified Humane
    • Bred, Born, Raised and Processed in the U.S.

My husband is a major foodie. He loves to experiment and play in the kitchen with items. I’m not as adventurous with food as he is, but I’m game to try anything he makes.

With these incredible Niman Ranch Strip Steak options, he just wanted to keep it easy. He wanted to showcase how anyone can make these steaks work, even if you just have salt and pepper at home.

I feel like that’s where most people get “nervous” about cooking. They don’t know how to prep or marinate or season.

Angus Beef Strip Steak Dinner Recipe

My husband took our Niman Ranch Strip Steak and coated with salt and pepper. As you can tell, he didn’t go too crazy, but coated just enough so that there would be some flavor to them.

Angus Beef Strip Steak Dinner Recipe

I’m a big fan of pepper, so I love when he goes a little extra-extra on the pepper. 🙂

After you’re done seasoning them with some salt and pepper, you’re going to pan sear them. You do this by taking a pot and adding some heat to it. Make sure you add a little oil to the bottom of the pan. We actually use ghee (which my husband makes). You can easily use vegetable oil.

Angus Beef Strip Steak Dinner Recipe

This is what they should look like once they’re all seared. This is usually what they look like once we’re done and pop them in the oven at 425 for 15 minutes. We love to get them seared just enough before popping them into the oven for their actual cooking time.

Angus Beef Strip Steak Dinner Recipe

While the Niman Ranch Steak Strip is cooking in the oven, take some time to create a roux. This is the secret to make this delicious dinner so amazing! My husband makes an incredible one and it’s one of those things you just need to master. Take it slow!

You essentially add some beef stock to the pan you just seared everything in to de-glaze it. This is the easiest way to do it. Then take corn starch and water and add it to the liquid in the pan. This will easily thicken that liquid and it will start looking like gravy.

The best part is that you can add more beef stock (as need be) and it will make the gravy. The photo below shows just how thick you should try to get it.

Angus Beef Strip Steak Dinner Recipe

We love to cook it to medium rare. You want to make sure it’s pink, just like it is below. You will love it like this and it will literally melt right in your mouth. It’s that kind of yummy! I’m telling you – it does matter when you have Niman Ranch Strip Steak, just make sure it’s medium rare (take it from me).

Easiest Dinner Recipe for Families

How good does this look cut up on the plate? Mouth watering good!

Easiest Dinner Recipe for Families

The next best part is the plating. We wanted to keep it as hearty and as simple as possible. The logical go-to side dish for us with mashed potatoes. Talk about the perfect side dish to go with this yummy Niman Ranch Strip Steak.

Easiest Dinner Recipe for Families

This is the most amazing deal ever! Make sure you take some time to buy, prep, cook and DIG IN! Thank you Perdue Farms for this introduction!

Easiest Dinner Recipe for Families

Buy these yummy Niman Ranch Strip Steak here!

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  1. I want to eat dinner with my husband and my fur son, Davey.
    They are my world and I love to share it with them.

  2. Love to eat dinner with my mom and grandma, It would be grand to get to see her again and get to talk around the table as we normally would. ♥

  3. I love getting to eat out alone with my husband! We don’t get to very often, so that makes it even more special!

  4. I would love to have dinner with my boyfriend. We have been social distancing to protect our families, but it might be nice to order take out and sit outside to share a meal together. It has been really hard not being able to spend much time together this year.

  5. Tonight, I wish I could eat some steak. I’m sure my son does too. He’s been asking and I have been hoping for years.

  6. I’d love to have dinner with my best friend, I havent seen her since covid hit. She is a covid nurse so busy busy busy!

  7. I would love to eat dinner with my brother and nieces. I wish they did not live so far away!

Niman Ranch Strip Steak for Dinner was last modified: November 30th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland