Trick or Treat Tree for Halloween

Looking for a safe way to trick or treat this year? Try a Trick or Treat Tree for Halloween. This is a great way to keep children safe and socially distanced. Halloween is definitely a little different this year, but by creating fun “new” traditions like this, we can still make it fun and exciting for the little ones!

Trick or Treat Tree for Halloween

Trick or Treat Tree

I’m always looking for easy and fun hacks for my life and my family. When I saw this idea from Michaels Stores I was in LOVE, a Halloween Trick or Treat Tree! Michaels, is unveiling its very own list of Halloween Hacks to help Americans re-think how they would normally celebrate the iconic holiday.

If you’re still hoping to offer treats to your community on Halloween you can decorate a fun Trick or Treat Tree. Similar to a Christmas tree, but featuring Halloween colors and decorations. You can leave the tree out, adorned with mini grab bags of candies or toys, to encourage a socially distanced trick-or-treating among kids.

Trick or Treat Tree

I showcased our personal Trick or Treat Tree on the news yesterday for my weekly segment. It was sponsored by Michaels, which I loved because they really are the ultimate crafting place. We went and stocked up on a TON of different decorations and decor for our Trick or Treat Tree.

We grabbed ribbons and felt spiders and spooky garlands. We bought little paper bags and decorated those with stickers and googly eyes. We bought baking pans shaped like brains and fingers. We bought Halloween inspired bracelets and necklaces. We bought so much stuff that was HALLOWEEN INSPIRED that it was just like hitting the mother load!

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Stress Balls

Decorating the tree was a family activity! The kids were so excited, especially my Victoria. This will most likely be a new tradition in our family now, too! I love that the kids can walk up and grab a little baggy. We don’t have to worry about passing everything out at the door.

We’ve always divided and conquered at Halloween. One of us always stays back and passes out the candy and the other always goes out with the kids. With this Trick or Treat Tree it’s great because you don’t have to be at home. You can easily decorate and go. We don’t normally get a ton of trick or treaters, so this is an easy one for us!

I hope you like this segment, I had so much fun decorating it and showcasing it for parents! This was such a great one to put together.

A huge thank you to Brendan Kirby for always making segments so much fun to make! He’s a riot and really makes these segments enjoyable. I also love his enthusiasm during the segment, too.

Michaels has  also made it safer and easier than ever for people to keep making during the global pandemic by offering same-day delivery (if an order is placed before 1pm), buy online and pick-up-in-store and curb side pick-up at many of their locations across the country.

If you’re looking for some additional Halloween safety tips besides the Trick or Treat Tree, here are some recommendations:

  1. Make sure you’re trick or treating before it gets dark outside. You want to make sure you’re safe, especially right now.
  2. Make sure you are aware of what houses are “open” for trick or treating and which ones aren’t. Usually you can tell when the lights are off, they’re not accepting trick or treaters.
  3. If you’re going in a group, make sure you stick together.
  4. Make sure you have a route in mind for trick or treating, it’s important to stick to it.
  5. Make sure you’re staying away from other trick or treaters walking around. The rule is minimum 6 feet away.
  6. If you’re “older” kids are heading out alone, make sure you are staying in touch with them.

Halloween time is a fun time for kids! It’s always a great time to trick or treat or craft. You need to make sure that you do things that will be fun for everyone! I love crafting and baking during the holiday because it’s something my kids love.

We recently made a Graveyard Dessert for Halloween. This was a fun one to make for the kids because it’s a sweet treat and cute decorate! My kids devoured this cake! We bought all of these skeletons and chocolate molds at Michaels, too! They literally have all of these types of spooky things!

Fun Halloween Treat for Kids

How much fun are these Apple Teeth? These are great treats to make with your kids. They’re also a healthier type treat, too! I make these for Victoria around the year, too! They’re just a fun and different kind of “treat” to make, but during the Halloween season they’re a BIG HIT!

DIY Halloween Treat for Kids: Monster Teeth

Another Halloween treat we love to make during this season is Monster Cookies! How cute are these to make? You can make these year round, too! I love the colors of these cookies, they’re super fun.

Monster Cookie Recipe

I hope these Halloween inspired treats work for you. I love these and I’m all about the Trick or Treat Tree. Again, it’s just a wonderful and easy thing to do for the holiday that will be safe for families. I know right now we’re all trying to figure out the best ways to make this holiday work, and I hope this helps you all out!

The best part? You can keep this tree up for the Christmas holiday. And if you even want to keep it our longer, decorate it for the other holidays, too! Pop up some hearts or shamrocks or flowers or flags for the other holidays, too! You can make it a fun family tree to always keep up and decorate for whatever holiday is coming up!

For more information on same-day delivery and curb side pickup, visit Make sure you stop in and see what they have in store for you. You can decorate. You can craft. You can bake. You can find it all there!

*Sponsored by Michaels Stores

Trick or Treat Tree for Halloween was last modified: October 29th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland
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Trick or Treat Tree for Halloween was last modified: October 29th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland