Road Trip BINGO

Are you heading on a road trip? I’m all about making it as fun as can be for my kids. If you’re heading out and about on a trip, I wanted to share my ROAD TRIP BINGO! This is the cutest and most fun game for you to play. The best part? Anyone can play this, it’s best for all ages!


The reason I love Road Trip BINGO is because it’s just a great way to keep your child’s head up and looking out the window. I love having conversations about what we’re passing and about what we’re coming to. It’s just a great way to keep kids engaged and laughing and part of the trip.

So how do you play Road Trip Bingo?

Pass out the BINGO cards to everyone in the car.

Read through all the things you want to (need to) find.

Give everyone a marker or crayon.

As you start the game, just start marking what you see.

I’m all about helping the kids find things and try to make it as fun as can be for them!

Here’s the printable for this ROAD TRIP BINGO:




If you’re looking for some additional games to play in the car beyond just the Road Trip BINGO, here are some additional ideas:

Clap a song to see you can guess it

That’s right – clap out a tune! Try it – it’s HARD!

Memory Game

Have some fun asking questions to see if your kids remember things. For example – your birthday, their 1st preschool teacher… ask age appropriate questions!

Look for Animals

Easy game, but so much fun for the little ones! My kids LOVE these kinds of Road Trip Games for Kids because everyone can play – even little ones!

Look for drivers wearing sunglasses

Kind of like the “I Spy” game! Points for the person who finds the most!

Look for people with 4 people in their car

Again – “I Spy” type of game! Keeps kids engaged!

These are some Road Trip Games that we do with our family, too! It’s just a great way to keep everyone going and happy and engaged! As much as I love technology, I know it’s not fun to have it them head down the entire way! It’s all about fun ways to keep them off the technology.

We also chronicle our family life on YouTube! It’s something that I love to showcase and give the real deal behind everything!

Road Trip BINGO was last modified: September 25th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland
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Road Trip BINGO was last modified: September 25th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland