October Activities To Do with your Family

October is one of my favorite months out of the year. Everything is so pretty here in Rhode Island when October rolls around. I wanted to share some October Activities To Do with your Family. There are so many options out there during October, take advantage of the beauty and the time of year.

October Activities To Do with your Family


I’m all about making sure we have ample October Activities and things to do in the fall with our kids. I *live* for waking up in the weekends and going to do something fun. I think it’s just the best thing in the world. I also love the togetherness that it brings our family because that’s KEY for me.

October Activities for Kids

Even as the kids have gotten older, being together on the weekends is so important to me. I think I love October the best because the weather still isn’t too hot or too cold. The kids aren’t crazy (yet) with full blown activities for school and clubs. It’s just a great time of year to be able to wear no jackets, yet you’re or sweating your butt off (at least in New England!).

October activities can also be anything and everything, too! You can enjoy the traditions of autumn in October, but you’re still getting that flicker of summer and the slight hope of winter. It’s all kind of wrapped up in everything in the month of October, not to mention Halloween keeps the magic alive, too!

October Activities for Kids

How can you find October Activities Near You?

Here’s the thing, there’s happenings going on all the time! I would first look online and google search events and activities going on around you or in your town. I would love also look in your local newspaper or local website. There are usually a bulleted list of activities right there for families.

October Activities for Kids

I would love check out local bloggers and Instagrammers for some additional information, too. I know in our state I love checking in on hyper-local parenting websites to see what kinds of things and happenings are going on around. I especially love cheap things to do with my near me, too! The great thing too is that there are usually Halloween Activities going on throughout the months, too.

New England Fall Foilage

To make it a little easier for families, I’m sharing 40 October Activities for you to do throughout the month! Take the time to read through the list and highlight the ones that work best for you and your family. There’s only 31 days in October, so make sure you keep that in mind, too!

40 October Activities To Do Throughout the Month

Head to a Pumpkin Patch
Visit a Haunted House
Go through a Corn Maze
Drive through Fall Foilage
Visit a Cranberry Festival
Head to local a Harvest Festivals
Hike through the Woods
Bonfires on the Beach
Go Apple Picking
Have a Pumpkin Painting Night
Find some Hayrides in your area
Decorate your House for Halloween or Fall
Have a Hallowen Crafting Night
Train for a Family 5K Together
Host a Football Game at your House
Create a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
Bake a Pumpkin Pie
Rake Leaves and Jump Into Them
Camping Trip in the Woods
Have a Halloween Movie Night
Make Caramel Apples at Home
Buy some Halloween Inspired Books
Visit Local Caverns
Explore a Local Graveyard and Do Rubbings
Plant Fall Flowers at your House
Build a Scarecrow
Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride
Visit a Local Town/City and Explore
Make Your Own Apple Cider
Have a Pumpkin Carving Night
Make your Own Halloween Costumes
Get a Manicure with Fall Inspired Colors
Fall Morning Walks with your Family
Take a Bike Ride through Town or on a Local Path
Visit a Local Nursery and Explore
Create some Thanksgiving Day Crafts
Create a Fall Menu at Home
Buy Pumpkins at a Local Store (if you can’t get to a patch)
Fall Floral Arranging
Host a Crafting Night at your House with Friends

I hope these October Activities and Things To Do in the Fall inspire you! I think it’s so much fun to get out there and do what  you can to enjoy the beauty of the month. It’s just a great time to take it all in with your family. I know there seems to be so much more stuff offered in the fall locally in terms of activities, so I love to soak it up with my own family.

Let me know what YOU do in the Fall when it comes to October Activities! I know it varies from place to place. I imagine in Florida you don’t get Fall Foilage! So what do you do? Are there some fall traditions that you look forward to and make sure you do with your family? I’d love to know!

Check out my other posts, too on Things To Do with Kids in the Fall. I even have one for teens, too! I feel like it’s just a good time to get your family and get out there! I’m all about making sure togetherness is top of mind for the mamas and the dads out there, too!

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October Activities To Do with your Family was last modified: September 12th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland