Game Day Apparel for Women

Anyone else excited that it’s finally FOOTBALL season? This year is different than the others which makes it even more necessary and important to have Game Day Apparel. Dressing for the games is the best we can do right now without being able to physically head to the BIG games (whether it’s NFL, college and high school for you!). Make sure you stock up on some of these fashionable goodies I’m sharing.

Game Day Apparel for Women

I’m all about game day clothing because it’s a great way to show support and love for your team. This year in particular it’s even more fun to wear your team spirit. I’ve been on the hunt for the best game day apparel for women because I’ve been looking for myself. I’m a BIG Patriots fan (even without Brady!) and Steelers fan (husband is from Pittsburgh!), so my colors are red, white and blue and black and gold!

Ready for some Game Day Apparel options that you don’t want to miss? I’m including some tees that are just FOOTBALL inspired for women, too. All of these apparel options are from etsy. I’m a BIG supporter and believer in small businesses and I love to be able to share as much as I can. These men and women who own these etsy boutiques are so talented, so love sharing their goodies with you!


Let’s face it, it’s ALWAYS FOOTBALL WEATHER! I love this sweatshirt because it just goes with any team and for any day! It’s super cute and one of those sweatshirts you can wear every weekend. This TheGameDayEdit sweatshirt starts at $30! Go UP a size in this one! The boxier, the better!

Football sweatshirt for women

Everyone needs a little leopard in their life! I love this Game Day Apparel for the ladies because it’s fashionable and chic and get the game day job done, too! You need to check out

Game Day Apparel

Ready to customize? I love making things personal. This amazing shop on etsy called

Game Day Apparel for Women

How cute is this Cuddle and Stay Home Sweatshirt? With football season comes chillier temps, so it’s nice to have some go to sweatshirts to toss on and GO! This one is awesome and starts at $28.Check out TheSouthernPostShop for more options, too!

Cuddle and Watch Football Sweatshirt

You can’t get much more basic than this GAME DAY TEE and I LOVE LOVE LOVE! If you’re someone who is just a BIG football fan, you can wear this one all the time. It’s offered from TopLineApparelStore on etsy and it starts at $9.50! My advice? Stock up on a few color options!


Women’s Retro Touchdown or Game Day Shirt from is PERFECTION! I love the retro look and these tees start at $21. The color options are perfect for me (GO, PATS!)! Head over there to shop these amazing tees!

Game Day Apparel for Women

I love a good GAME DAY raglan tee in the fall. This one is perfect for the football season, too. It’s lightweight and gets the job done in keeping you dressed up and comfy. This one is available at


Football Attire for Women

The second I saw this gold tee I thought… STEELERS! I love this GAME DAY retro tee. It’s fun and really a great option for game days. There are other color options in this one, too! You will love how these come out! PERFECT for FOOTBALL DAYS! Check out what else DDandDesigns etsy shop has to offer, too! Price starts at $18.75.


I hope one or all of these game day apparel options for women jump out to you. I just love wearing something FUN on football days.

It’s about finding ones that you know speak to your style, but also will make you smile and happy on game days. This year is so crazy for football. It’s nice seeing the NFL still playing, but it’s tough not to be there cheering everyone on. Believe me – I don’t want to be there (not yet!), but this is the next best way to keep the spirit alive!

If you’re “new” to football (like I was years ago) I shared this Football Glossary for women to have some fun with during the season. I needed to learn a ton when my kids started to play football!

And here are some other FOOTBALL OUTFITS FOR GAME DAY! I wrote this last year, but so many of my selections are right on etsy! Love love love supporting small businesses!


Game Day Apparel for Women was last modified: September 24th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland
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Game Day Apparel for Women was last modified: September 24th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland