Summer Worksheets for Kids

If you’re looking for some summer worksheets for kids, I’ve got some great ones for you! I always love to give my kids a few weeks off after school wraps up, but now that we’re into the days of summer I want to make sure they’re doing a few educational things. It’s important to make sure you find worksheets that are fun for them, too.

Summer Worksheets for Kids

Summer worksheets for kids

When it comes to fun summer worksheets for kids I like to have them on hand all the time. The school year has been over now for a few weeks and it’s important to make sure kids stay focused (at least a little!) on school. I know that it’s tough to get kids excited for school work in the summer, so that’s why it’s important to keep it fun.

I created some summer worksheets for kids that I knew my daughter would love to do. Anything that involves coloring is usually a win for us, so that’s what I kept in mind when I was creating these summer worksheets. I wanted to her to get excited about doing them, not dread it!

Let’s kick off with COLOR BY THE SUM

The reasons I love “Color By the Sum” Summer Worksheets for Kids is because it’s fun and easy for them to do. Like I mentioned above, my daughter loves to color. Whenever I can bring in some fun on things, she’s all over it. I also love that she’s learning as she colors.

Summer Worksheets for Kids Summer Worksheets for Kids

As you can see, your child needs to know what the answer is to get the “right” color for the picture. I love that it bridges together both fun and education. It’s something that’s easy for them to do and also fun for them to do. If you’re interested in downloading these for your kids, head here.

If you want additional Color By The Sum worksheets, head over to here.

Read for some Dot-to-Dot Summer Worksheets for Kids?

Another really fun activity for kids is connecting dots to see what they can make! My daughter loves for me to free hand some dot-to-to creations for her.  She gets excited when I create words or pictures for her and then she sees how quickly she can identify what it is that she’s making while connecting the dots!

I created these (2) fun connect the dot summer worksheets for kids that are animals. My daughter has already done these and she loved them. I feel like your child might be able to “tell” right away what they are, but it’s still fun for them to do. I love that while they’re having fun, the best part is (for me) is that she’s counting while she’s doing it.

Connecting the Dots

Summer Worksheets for Kids

These are so much fun, right? If you’re looking to downloading these for your kids, I have the printable links for you. If you’re interested in the bat, head here. If you’re interested in the llama, head here.

If you want more of the connect the dots summer worksheets for kids, head here for some additional options for your kids.

Adding Pictures as Summer Worksheets for Kids

Adding up pictures is the easiest way to add for kids. My daughter loves to look at images and add them up when trying to figure out the answer to an equation. Even if she gets an equation that doesn’t have images, I always encourage her to draw things to help her out.

I created this ADDING FISH because I thought it would be fun for her because she loves fish! This is a fun and easy way to add and have some fun at the same time.

Adding Fish

If you’re someone who would love to have this for your child, here is where you can find it to download.

Adding with the Number Line Summer Worksheets for Kids

If you’re a parent who would love your child to try and do some adding with a number line, I’ve got one for you. I know that it’s not always easy to add on your own, so a number line can help by giving your child a foundation to build on and work off of for them.

Number By The Line Adding

I love this because it’s a little harder than the others, but with the number line I hope it’s helpful for a child to gauge and work through it. I know my daughter gets excited to get an equation “right,” so this helps because she can check her work, too.

If you’re interested in this printable, you can download it here.

I hope these summer worksheets for kids help you out and that your kids enjoy these! I know there are a ton online that you can search and find and download, too. I know it’s helpful to have these them on hand for rainy days or just a day where you feel that a little adding needs to be had for your kids!

I firmly believe in the summer that the best thing we can do for our kids is to keep things fun for them! I think it helps to keep them excited about learning, too – especially in the summer. I also think that learning is a good thing for us to do outside of our normal environments, so bring these to the pool or the beach! Or take time to come up with equations while you’re out together.

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  1. I printed out the connect the dots worksheets and my five year old loved it. Thank you.

Summer Worksheets for Kids was last modified: July 3rd, 2020 by Audrey McClelland