Home Exercise Program Options for Moms

Working out right now is different than it was last year at this time. It’s all about finding a home exercise program that will work perfectly for you and your body’s needs. Working out is something I (personally) need for my body, mind and soul. I need to burn energy and use it to balance out my stress.

Home Exercise Program Options for Moms

Home Exercise Programs

When you’re looking for a home exercise program that will work for you, make sure you’re taking the time to find one that best fits your needs. You want to make sure you’re looking for one that you know you’ll be able to stick with and feel motivated with throughout all the programs if offers.

Working Out Post Pregnancy

My best advice when trying to find a home exercise program that best suits you is to think about:

1. The variety of exercises that the program offers. If you’re someone who works best with changing it up, look for programs that offer this kind of change up!

2. Take a look at the instructors and see if they “click” for you. The trainer/instructor makes or breaks an exercise program. Make sure you feel them out and see how they are in motion.

3. Make sure the home exercise program you chose is available at times that work best for you. There are many programs that work around busy schedules and it’s key to find these ones.

4. Check the price tag. I know that many programs are well priced, so you want to make sure you find one that isn’t crazy expensive. I’m going to be honest with you, you don’t need one that’s expensive!

Home exercise programs

I’m going to share with you (5) Home Exercise Program Options for Moms that I personally have tried and LOVED. I use (1) of these almost every single day and I can’t say enough good things about it! I know it’s not a one size fits all for everyone, so sharing options is always something I love to do.

(1) Peloton App – I have this app and I use it (almost) every single day. I’m going to be honest with you here, I’m obsessed with this home exercise program. You don’t need to have the Peloton Bike or Tread to use this app, which is why I love it so much.

There are 10+ workout types streaming on-demand and over thousands of classes available. You’re simply able to discover new ways to conquer your goals, on your own time. I can take these classes whenever I want, but I’m also able to take live classes if I can make it work. You can bike, walk, run, do yoga, do strength training, meditate, etc. The instructors are incredible and work with you along the way.

As a Peloton Digital Member you can workout on any equipment or none at all with an individual Peloton Digital Membership, just $12.99 a month. This is what I have and this is all I use! I even do workouts outside and just run/walk along with the instructors. They also have a 30-day FREE trial!

Home exercise programs

(2) BEACHBODY – I tried this one around this time last year and really liked it, which is why I definitely want to recommend this one for moms out there. What is BEACHBODY all about?

All of our fitness and nutritional programs are conveniently streamed on Beachbody® On Demand, giving you access anytime, anywhere, from your home to the gym, and even on vacation. You can choose a variety of workouts by fitness level or type of exercise, complete with nutrition guides and calendars.

Then, stream them right on your desktop, TV, tablet, or mobile device—including the Beachbody On Demand app, now available for both iOS and Android!

With Beachbody on Demand, you’ll never run out of options; we continually update our Member Library so you get unlimited access to brand-new workouts and exclusive content like Fixate®, our healthy and delicious cooking show featuring Autumn and Bobby Calabrese. Beachbody’s Super Trainers have become some of the world’s most recognized names in health and wellness, including Shaun T, Autumn Calabrese, Joel Freeman, Jericho McMatthews, Sagi Kalev, and Chris Downing.

You can try a 14-day TRIAL FOR FREE!

Home exercise programs

(3) DAILYBURN – I actually know someone who is an instructor on here, so this is how I first heard about DAILYBURN! Group workouts or 1-on-1 training on your own schedule. Daily Burn 365 is an energetic, full-body group workout you can do any day, at any fitness level.

One membership, thousands of different workout videos so you can mix it up every day right from your own home. The Best Fitness Anywhere®.

I love the convenience of DAILYBURN, too because just like the ones above, you can do whenever you have time to get it done. They even help cater your workouts better for you by having you enter some quick details about yourself, and we’ll tailor programs for your level and goals—including a schedule of workout videos to follow, nutrition plans, even rest days.

Start a 30-Day FREE Trial Here.

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(4) MIRROR – Now this one comes with a heftier price tag, but it could be very worth it to you. As they say about it, This isn’t just a mirror. It’s a cardio class, it’s a yoga studio, it’s a boxing ring, it’s your new personal trainer, and it’s so much more.

This is how it works for you:

expert INSTRUCTION – Certified trainers from the country’s top fitness studios provide motivation and live feedback.

real-time optimization – Get maximum results in minimum time with in-workout adjustments based on your goals, preferences, and personal profile.

customized playlist – Choose from expertly curated playlists featuring popular music in a variety of genres perfect for your workout.

For more information about it, head over here.

Les Mills Classes

(5) Les Mills Classes – I have taken these Les Mills classes at my local YMCA and LOVE THEM! I feel like they’re exactly what you need when you’re short on time and don’t have a super set schedule.

They break it down like:

  • Les Mills BODY COMBAT™
  • Les Mills BODYPUMP™
  • Les Mills SPRINT™
  • Les Mills BODYFLOW™
  • Les Mills TONE™
  • Les Mill GRIT

If you can’t make it to the YMCA, you can do them right from the comfort of your own home. What can you expect? High-energy, effective workouts, powered by science and proven to get results. Choose from strength, cardio, HIIT, dance, flexibility, and more. Work out with the world’s best instructors – whenever, wherever!  You gave all-access to 800+ online workouts – find the right workouts to match your fitness level.

I hope these gives you a good start in getting yourself prepped for finding a great home exercise program for yourself. It’s important to make sure that you’re doing what you can under the circumstances right now to stay healthy for your family. With so many gyms still closed or working with modified hours, it’s tough.

Or honestly – if you’re just not feeling comfortable yet about going back to the gym, this will help you out. This is actually the most perfect option of all.



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