Wearing a Watch – 5 Different Styles

Are you still wearing a watch? I feel like so many people rely on their phones now for the time that watches have kind of become a thing of the past. I personally love wearing watches and hope that this post inspires you to keep wearing them or start wearing them!

Wearing a Watch – 5 Different Styles

Wearing a Watch - 5 Watch Styles You Need in Your Life

When it comes to wearing a watch, we wear them to tell time – yes… but we also wear them as fashion statements. I remember getting my first watch that had a calculator on it when I was in middle school. I thought I was so cool!

Fast forward to present day, whenever I have on my watch… I always do feel cool and fashionable. It’s about finding the best kind of watch that suits your style and your needs. I’ve definitely been someone who has changed her watch style throughout the years, but the one thing that remains is that when I’m wearing a watch it’s who I am at that moment in time.

I really hope that this post inspires you to take your “old” watches out and start wearing them again. Or I hope that this post inspires you to head out and purchase yourself a new watch. I feel that it’s one of those timeless and classic accessories that will never (ever) go out of style.

I’m going to share with you (5) different watch styles. Not all watches are created equal. There are different styles and trends and elements to them.

(1) MESH BAND – Wearing a watch with a mesh band is more of a style choice. What I love about a mesh band is that it’s the kind of style that goes with anything. You can wear it with work clothes. You can wear it with relaxed clothing. You could even wear to the beach if need be.

Here’s a gorgeous Tory Burch watch option with a mesh band. This is luxury at its finest. I love the look of this watch and the gold color really pops for me, too!

Wearing a watch with a mesh band

Iconic Tory Burch details and an appreciation for classic styling distinguish this gold-tone Phipps timepiece on a mesh bracelet.

(2) Oversized Watch for Women – This is my most favorite style of all! This one is a great style for women and it’s timeless and classic and will never go out of style. Looking for some oversized styles? This is actually the one that I own and wear all the time. This Michael Kors style is beautiful.

Wearing a watch - oversized watch

The distinct prestige of chronograph movement is supported by gold-tone stainless steel with dot crystal accents for this splendid timepiece from Michael Kors’ Blair collection.

(3) Studded Watch – This is a total style one for people. I’m all about making sure I have a touch of fashion and style on me at all times! This is such a gorgeous style and it’s one that you can find in a variety of ways. This is such a fabulous way to go and I personally love it! This Rebecca Minkoff one is my favorite!

Wearing a Watch - Studded Watch

Studded warm gray leather is a sassy counterpoint to the elegantly structured case and minimalist dial of this Major watch by Rebecca Minkoff.

(4) This GARMIN watch is a fantastic option for people. I love this sporty, yet tech option. I think it’s a great option for people who want to wear something that’s not too luxurious looking, but more of the sporty look. I feel like this option is the best for people who love a good sporty watch option.

Garmin Touchscreen Hybrid Smart

Garmin’s dust rose and gold-tone Vivomove 3S has the easy look of an analog timepiece with the incredible activity functions, touchscreen ability and seamless connectivity of a modern smart watch.

(5) Leather Straps – These are feminine, classic and beautiful watches. I’m all these Fossil Watches and how they work for your life. You can do some interchangeable fashion options, too. This is such a beautiful watch option and then they can work for any occasion.

Leather Straps Interchangeable Fossil Brand

A commemorative stamped leather case displays 35 unique and colorful leather straps for this limited edition watch set from Fossil. The petite rose gold-tone Georgia Mini has smooth half-ring lugs for effortless strap exchange.

New & created for Macy’s. Limited-edition watch drop. We’ve put together an extraordinary selection of limited-edition iconic timepieces that have been re-imagined & are available only at Macy’s-but only for a limited time.

How should a watch fit?

A watch should easily fit on your wrist. You should make sure it’s a watch that doesn’t slip off or make sure it’s not too tight. I need to make sure it’s one that works well and works perfectly. I want to be able to have it work with bangles, too.

How to wear a watch?

I would wear a watch with just about anything right now. Even when I go to the beach, it’s something that I wear with my bathing suit. I love being able to wear my watches whenever I can.

Proper way to wear a watch?

Is there a proper way? Not really, I feel that whenever you have a watch there’s no right or wrong way. I love being able to wear a watch with just about anything.

How loose should a watch be?

I would not make a watch too loose. I wouldn’t want it to fall off your wrist.  If you’re looking for a watch, I would make sure the watch fits as well as it could.

How to wear bracelets with a watch?

I always wear bracelets with my watch. You need to make sure that when you’re wearing a watch, whatever bracelets you choose – they go with it perfectly. I’m all about gold, so I love to make sure I add lots of colors into my wristband wearing.

I hope these watch styles help you out! Wearing a watch is a classic style and thing to do. Make sure you add one into your life for an extra style pick me up!

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  1. I’m ready to ditch my fitbit and go back to a watch. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. I’m a huge watch wearer! I‘be resisted against getting an Apple Watch because I love to switch up watch styles too much. I feel naked without one on…

  3. I love the different watches cute colors and styles. I like having different colors too in the face of my watches or the bands as well.

  4. I’ve never been a watch wearer, but these are beautiful! I’m drooling over the Garmin.

Wearing a Watch – 5 Different Styles was last modified: May 29th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland