Lazy Easy Hairstyles

I’m all about lazy easy hairstyles. No joke – anything that is lazy and easy for the hair, I’m all over it. It doesn’t matter if it’s for me or for my daughter, when you’re doing your hair – you want it to be as easy as can be.

Lazy Easy Hairstyles

Lazy Easy Hairstyles

I want to share with you a hair secret for lazy easy hairstyles. You can make your hair look fabulous and chic with a simple braid and a hair accessory. You don’t even need to have expensive accessories, anything will work and I’m going to prove it to you!

I started doing Victoria’s hair when she was a little girl. She would NEVER sit still for me and I always had to try and come up with simple, yet quick styles because she was always on the move. I perfected the lazy easy hairstyles and I did whatever I could to make something work fast and furiously.

She also had super short and fine hair when she was a toddler, so it made it a little more difficult to do anything “fancy.” I know I hear from a lot of moms saying to me, “My daughter’s hair isn’t long enough yet to do these styles.” I promise you – it will happen.

Lazy Easy Hairstyles FOR GIRLS

I used to have to do a style I called Buntails all the time on her hair because it was the only style that would work on her baby hair. If you’re a mama of a toddler do these kinds of lazy easy hairstyles. As you can tell – even back then – I yearned for the days of being able to do something a little more intricate and fun.

Fast forward to present day and my girl is a pro at sitting still. She’s almost 7 years old now, so it’s a good thing she will listen to me and sit still for a few minutes. Even today I don’t like to do styles that require her to sit for more than 5 minutes. She doesn’t have the patience and either do I.

When it comes to creating something fun for her now, I just go with what I know and what’s easy for me. I’m not great at french braids or dutch braids, actually – I can’t really do them too well on her hair. I can do a basic braid and that’s about it, but that’s all you need to make a cute style.

When I’m trying to figure out some lazy easy hairstyles I start with a ponytail and then braid the pony. If you can braid, you can easily do this style. It’s truly just a basic ponytail (go as high as as low as you want to go) and then braid it. You don’t even have to braid it, you can just keep the ponytail as is for these lazy easy hairstyles.

Next step is to find some hair accessories. If you have hair wraps that you can tie into your child’s hair then you’re golden! You’ve got what you need. If you don’t, you can be a little creative in finding things around your house that will work.

What do I mean by this?

I actually didn’t have any hair accessories around the house, so I need to find some items that would work for me. I grabbed a cabi scarf that I love and used it for her hair. I found an old tee shirt that I was donating and cut it up into strips for hair wraps. And I found some ribbons from gifts that we received from Christmas and used it too.

Lazy Easy Hairstyles

I had some fun taking these items and braiding them into her hair OR cinching them in her ponytail elastic and just adding it in as a fun added hair accessory. There really are a few different ways to rock these lazy easy hairstyles, but I thought these 6 were the easiest for you to check out.

As you can tell these are the best kind of lazy easy hairstyles ever! You don’t need to be an expert. You don’t need to be great at hair. You don’t have to even have a ton of time on your hands. All you need to do it get your child to sit for maybe 5 minutes. I promise it won’t take longer than that!

What I love about these hairstyles for girls is that they’re easy. There’s no other way to describe them. I actually started to have some fun trying to figure out what else I could braid into her hair! It’s become a fun little game with me and my daughter now!

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Lazy Easy Hairstyles was last modified: May 5th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland