How Skincare and Makeup Can Be Part of your Self-Care Routine

I asked my friend Lisa Davis who is a Green Beauty Elite Leader at CRUNCHI to share some of her tips and advice with you all! She’s a master when it comes to clean beauty and I know many of you have sent me questions about trying new products and bringing more clean products into your life.

I hope that Lisa’s post below helps you out and please reach out to Lisa for any (and all) of your clean beauty needs and wants. You will love her words on how to bring skincare and makeup into your self-care routine at home.

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The simple act of taking care of your skin in the morning and at night and putting on a little makeup as part of your morning routine truly can give you a mental boost. Healthy, beautiful skin is a major confidence booster. Even if its just you catching a glimpse of your reflection in the mirror! Its also a chance to be mindful and meditative. I don’t rush through my routine.

I honor it and allow myself to enjoy each step. Its “me time.” I experience it myself and I hear it over and over again from my clients how wonderful it feels to take care of their skin and how grateful they are to have their skincare routines. They take comfort in their self-care rituals and it helps to normalize their day. It is SO helpful during this tough time. We can’t control what is happening but we CAN control our self-care and enjoy the calming benefits.
Our days are starting to blend together with quarantine, so it is even more important to have these rituals in the morning and at night.

I find that when I follow my typical morning skincare routine and apply my makeup, I am so much more productive during the day, my mood is better and I feel so much more capable! It seems like such a small thing, to wash and moisturize your face, but the mental benefits are far- reaching.

My clients share with me how putting on some makeup, even it if is just a quick coat of mascara and a swipe of lip gloss, gets them in the proper frame of mind to work from home, even if no one is there to see them! That mental boost is critical to help all of us get through the day, especially while we are living through such a draining, challenging time.

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  1. I have been conscientiously maintaining my skincare routine during this time. I even make sure to mask at least once a week.

  2. So true – I’ve been trying to pay extra attention to my skincare routine, because when I don’t I feel off-kilter!

How Skincare and Makeup Can Be Part of your Self-Care Routine was last modified: May 29th, 2020 by admin