Fun Places to Go with Kids

Looking for some fun places to go with kids during this quarantine? I’ve got you covered. Even though we can’t be with people and enjoy our favorites spots, there are still places that you can GO!

Fun Places to Go with Kids

Fun Places to Go with Kids

With 5 kids I can tell you firsthand how difficult it is to be “stuck at home.” My kids range in age from 6 thru 15 years old and all they want is life to get back to normal. Before it was easy to find fun places to go with kids, but now? I have to be creative.

I remember a time when I would just search “free activities near me” on my laptop to do with the kids. Now? Not so much. Now I need to make sure whatever we do is safe. I’m someone who doesn’t let the kids out of my sight right now!

When it comes to finding fun places to go with kids right now, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1. You can’t be near other people

2. You need to stay with your kids and not let them run off

3. You need to be aware of rules and restrictions in your town and/or state.

What can you do when it comes to finding fun places to go with kids? I hope this post gives you some ideas for some thought starters!

Fun Places to Go with Kids

1. Social Distant Visit to Grandparents (or FAMILY in general) – One fun place to go with kids right now is on social distant visits to see family. My parents live 15 minutes way, so we’ve been going 2-3 times a week for “drive-by” visits.

While we’re there I park in the driveway and we chat and laugh and catch up (all while wearing masks). I know it means a lot to my parents, but I also know it means a lot to my kids, too. It’s nice to see them smile and feel like they’re getting out.

I’ve even let them play basketball while visiting, too. My parents sit on their deck (about 20 feet away) and watch them. I love this because they’re able to run around and be free while my parents are able to enjoy time with their grandkids. It’s a win win!

Fun Places to Go with Kids

2. Local Ice Cream Shops with a Twist – We have local ice cream shops in the area that are open right now for takeout. My kids love ice cream! If you’re looking for fun places to go with kids, try a local shop to support.

How can you do this? Head to the ice cream shop and have the kids stay in the car while you go get the ice cream to go. If you have masks for everyone, have them get out with you and enjoy the fresh air.

The best part about all of this is that your kids get to enjoy a sweet treat while also supporting a small business. I love being able to have my kids just feel a little normal in all of this. I know we don’t usually do takeout and I know we don’t normally wear masks, but this is the best we can do right now.

Fun Places to Go with Kids

3. Walk on the beach – This is one of those fun places to go with kids that you need to make sure is OK in your area. We live in Rhode Island, so there are beaches all around us. The beach is a place we love to go year round.

If you’re looking to get the kids out, head to the beach for a walk. I know my kids love 20-30 minutes of a good beach walk. Normally we’d be able to go and enjoy a full afternoon (in the spring and summer), but right now we enjoy what we can get.

Pick up shells. Watch the waves. Breath in the salty air. Enjoy the time at the beach right now with your kids. Watch them smile. I love being able to enjoy the beauty around us. You feel almost like there’s no such thing as a stay at home order for a moment.

Car rides to see friends

4. Car ride playdates – This is a little tough for your kids, but it’s something that’s doable if they are old enough to understand why they can’t get out and play! If your child has a bestie neaby, head by their house for a car playdate.

My daughter misses her friends so much. At 6 years old it’s tough to be “stuck” at home without an end in sight. I’ve been able to drive her by some of her friends houses for a quick social visit. She doesn’t get out of the car. Her friend stays more than 6 feet away, but they see each other and giggle and smile and talk.

It’s something simple and it doesn’t last long, but it’s fun for her and I love seeing the instant pick me up on her face!

Car rides to see friends

5. Scavenger Hunt around the Neighborhood – You don’t always have to get in the car to find fun places to go with kids. It can be right in your own backyard or neighborhood!

One thing that you can do for some extra fun is create a scavenger hunt. This is easy to do and fun for your kids. Come up with a list of things that they need to find around your neighborhood. My daughter LOVES doing these with us.

I love these easy scavenger hunts because you can switch it up and change them every single day! It’s also a great way to get out and just enjoy the fresh air. You can even add in some prizes for your kids if you want to, too! It’s just a different and unique activity to do, but it gets you out of your house.

I know so many of us are itching for life to get back to normal. We don’t know when it will be, but we can work together to come up with ways to keep our kids busy and happy. I know that with these ideas – you could do these year round, too.

Let me know what you’re doing! Share some ideas with me of fun places to go with kids! We’re ALL in this together and it’s important to make sure we’re helping each other out, too.

It’s also a great time and opportunity to connect with your teens. It’s not always easy to do, but you’re being given a gift of time right now. Embrace it.

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Fun Places to Go with Kids was last modified: May 6th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland