Style Edit Root Concealer Powder to Hide Grays

My hair is popping up gray left and right and (I’m being honest) I hate it. I’m 41 years old and not ready to have gray hair yet. It doesn’t look “pretty on me, not yet. I bought Style Edit Root Concealer to hide some of the grays and really loved how easy it was to use. I’m happy to share with you how to use Style Edit Powder and what I personally love about it.

Style Edit Root Concealer

Style Edit Root Concealer

With all going on in the world right now, there’s so much that needs to be done at home. We’re “stuck” at home and need to start doing everything on our own, our hair being one of them. I usually get my hair colored every 3-4 weeks, right now I’m at 7 weeks post a color. Putting it lightly… my root is HORRIFIC, it’s not pretty at all. My friend Debbie recommended I try Style Edit Root Concealer because it’s easy and works great.

Style Edit Root Concealer is a powder that’s meant to help hide any grays. Basically – that music to my ears. I know there are women who love their gray hair and are embracing it right now. I am not one of them. It’s a personal thing and nobody should make you feel bad for not wanting a particular color of hair. What intrigued me immediately about Style Edit Root Concealer was that it was a powder form.

In the past all I’ve used is L’Oreal’s Magic Root Touch-up Spray. It’s worked great for me, but the one thing that has always driven me a little crazy is the fact that the spray gets under my nails if I go itch my head or touch my hair after using. It gets the job done perfectly, but I’ve been looking for a powder option to have on hand, too.

What does Style Edit Root Concealer do? It’s a lightweight, binding powder delivers instant, temporary coverage to unwanted gray roots. It easily washes out with shampoo, no flyaway or dusting, and works in seconds.

Let me share with you my tutorial on how to use Style Edit Root Concealer. It’s easy to talk about, but it’s so much easier to see in action. I’ll share more about the features below!

Here are some incredible features about Style Edit Root Concealer:

Color binding complex with unique binding agents glides over gray roots and locks color into place in just one swipe. Color adaptive pigments add luster and blend seamlessly with salon color for a completely natural look.

EFFORTLESS IMMACULATE ROOTS – Stop wasting time and money at salon centers, get this color corrector bottle and cover your Grey roots within 3 seconds at the comfort of home.

GREAT FOR IN BETWEEN BEAUTY SALON VISITS – This salon quality root cover up is ideal for men and women to use at home. It is a non-permanent hair spray but lasts for days and easily comes off with shampoo.

NO STICKINESS OR HARSH INGREDIENTS – The brown hair dye dries fast and will never flake, run or rub off on clothing. Contains no mineral oil, petrolatum, or peroxide.

GOOD FOR ALL HAIR TYPES & TEXTURES – Color adaptive pigments smoothly adhere to the hair fiber and self-adjusts for a flawless result. Suitable for all hair types and colors.

PROUDLY MANUFACTURED IN THE UNITED STATES – Our cruelty-free aerosol root touch up is proudly researched, designed, and made in the USA with local handpicked ingredients.

Style Edit Root Concealer

We founded Style Edit on the belief that gorgeous, healthy hair is a universal goal. Leading stylists noticed many clients with unresolved hair concerns. With a lack of effective products, great hair becomes harder to achieve. So, Style Edit began its quest for salon quality at-home hair products for everyday use.

This semi-permanent Premium Root Touch Up will leave you grey free Color Wow long after it’s time to return to the salon. This superior quality Root Touch Up Powder is ideal for men and women of all hair types. The non-permanent hair Color can last for days and can easily be washed out with shampoo. and ensures even coverage over the appropriate area.

Our root Touch Up adapts to match your shade for a flawless glossy finish. The touch-up will leave your Beautiful Hair looking brand new, and won’t leave your hair waxy or greasy.

They offer 10 different shades for you to choose from, so (no worries) there is something for everyone. I just personally love that there are no harsh ingredients that are in the products. You’re putting this directly on your scalp, so of course – there’s that thought and worry. I love that they’ve taken that worry and concern rigt out of the equation for you.

I know many of us are looking for the best options out there for our gray root. I highly recommend this one because (simply) it works. I love finding products that do what they say they’re going to do. I know this price is a little higher than some of the other ones ($33), but it’s worth every penny!

Buy it here.

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Style Edit Root Concealer Powder to Hide Grays was last modified: April 16th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland