6 Easy Mom Hairstyles

When it comes to styling my own hair, I’ve had to teach myself. I’m also all about easy mom hairstyles that I can create and do in the matter of minutes. I don’t always have the time (hello 5 kids!) to be curling and straightening and waving for 30 minutes at a time. I need quick. I need fast. I need practical mom style. I’m all about sharing my favorite easy hairstyles for moms, so check out below for some of my go-to styles.

Easy Mom Hairstyles


I’m sharing 6 easy styles with you today that I keep on “hair rotation.” I’m all about trying to make sure I have a different look and a different style throughout the week. I’m someone who definitely likes to play with my hair and have some fun with it, so finding new easy mom hairstyles has always been fun for me. Many of these styles I just came up with on my own while sitting in front of my mirror.

This is what I look for when it comes to finding easy styles – I need something that’s going to stay put, I need a style that I can do on the fly and I need a style that fits my age. I’m 41 years old, so I know I can’t get away with anything too young for work. I like to look stylish, yet professional. That’s always been my goal when it comes to my easy mom hairstyles.

I’m on TikTok right now using this platform as my go-to social channel for many of my easy mom hairstyles. I love to be able to show in 15 seconds or less how easy they can be for moms. When I’m creating these styles I’m literally “fighting” the clock, trying to get the style done as quickly as I possibly can. If I can do these and show them off this fast, I promise you… you can, too!

Check out my video where I compiled 6 of my easy my hairstyles to show you!

Style #1: Bubble Pigtails – I love this style because it’s so easy to accomplish. All you need to do is add small bands down a ponytail or pigtails. I like to keep the bands about 2 inches apart. I then go back and “puff” out the hair to make it look like a little bubble. Super easy to do and super chic!

Style #2: I simply take my bands and divide them in half. Then I create small braids and pin them back. I then just take the rest of my hair and create a big messy bun. I pin any loose hairs right into place.

Style #3: Super easy style! Take bangs and then divide into to parts. Then take them and literally just twist. I twist them until they go towards the end and then pin them back. Super easy and I love this for work.

Style #4: This is my boho chic style! I take the front portions of my hair and twist them. I don’t make them too tight, but I twist enough where they look cute pinned back. I simply just pin once I’m done. You can do this with as many strands as you want! I love just a few to give it a quick and easy look.

Style #5: I love a messy bun. I take all my hair and brush it into a large on top of my head ponytail! I make sure it’s smooth and nice and banded together. Then I just wrap it into a huge bun. See how I do it nice and slowly. I’m not good at explaining it, but I do love showing exactly how it gets done. Then I just pin whatever strands or hairs are out of place.

Style #6: I love a good thick braid. I take a chunk of my hair and braid it down the side of my face. The cool part comes when I go back and puff the braid out. I like making the braid chunky look and nice and big. I walk you through how I’m doing it right in my video.

Hope these styles are doable for you! I wanted to make sure I gave you a bunch of easy mom hairstyles to work with right now! It’s such a fun way to have some variety with your hair! I hope you enjoy these styles and I hope they work for you! Let me know what kinds of styles you like to do and I will try them out on my hair, too!

Don’t forget – I’ll be sharing more and don’t forget to follow me on TikTok for more and more styles, too! I love to share Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls! Make sure you check it out! I’m all about creating whatever I can on the hair front, just as long as it’s doable and easy for people to try out!

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Have a great day everyone!

6 Easy Mom Hairstyles was last modified: April 13th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland
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6 Easy Mom Hairstyles was last modified: April 13th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland