Matching Mom and Me – Sequin Dresses

Happy New Year with some sequin dresses and some matching mom and me style! One of the best things that I did this year on my blog was bring in more and more mommy and me outfits. I’ve been obsessed with taking the time with my daughter and really honing in on cute outfits that we both can wear.

Matching Mom and Me

I knew that on New Year’s Day I wanted to find some matching mom and me outfits that would dazzle! I’m all about the glitz and the glam when it comes to mommy and me dresses, so when I saw these sequin dresses I jumped at the opportunity to wear them with my Victoria. She loves bright and bold colors and I love anything that matches with her! It was truly a fashion win win for the two of us!

Matching Mom and Me Dresses

I’m always looking for mommy and me matching outfits, but it’s not always easy to find them at reasonable prices. I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on outfits to match with Victoria in, but I do love doing it. I found these dresses at Target in the girls department. Here’s a great matching mom and me fashion hack. If you shop in the girls department, you can find matching items!

This is what I’ve found to be true. Girls XXL at Target is about a women’s medium. Girls XL at Target is about a women’s small. Please make sure you try on before buying, but I’m a solid size 4 and the Girls XL (as you can see above) fits me perfectly. I don’t get too lucky when it comes to the pants, but when it comes to tops and jackets and dresses, I can score really big at Target.

Matching Mommy and Me Dresses

What I love about these matching mom and me outfits is that they’re super fun for the day!  I love a good glitz and glam look, so these sequin dresses were awesome for us on 1/1/20! They’re Art Class Girls’ Short Sleeve Sequin Dresses and are a basic a-line cut in a dress. Just for reference  there aren’t any pockets, I know I’m always asked about that when it comes to dresses. I love a good pocket, but this one doesn’t have any.

The style is adorable with the cap sleeve, I feel like it’s a delicate and elegant dress style. I also love that the fact that it’s just a really great appropriate cut for girls. I don’t want my daughter wearing anything that’s too sexy at all. I want it to be cute and perfect for occasions. The length of it is 29 inches, so it hits right above the knee. I think it’s great that you can wear it even with some leggings underneath (like Victoria!).

Matching Mom and Me Dresses

There’s not a zip back or anything, it’s a simple button closer behind the neck. I love how easy it is to close because it’s not anything that’s too binding. As you can tell, too – it’s not too tight. I love that you have some give in the dress and even in the fabric. It’s just a really great matching mom and me dress option, especially for some dressy occasions that might be coming up, too!

Matching Mom and Me Dresses

You wan to hear the best news of all on these dresses? They are machine washable! This is like music to my ears! Zero dry cleaning, it’s all about toss in the machine and GO! I was excited to see that the sequins could be tossed right on in!! I’m going to share some of the other sequin dress options with you, too. I think it’s something that we all need to remember when it comes to mommy and me twinning, you can have some fun with GIRLS clothing – just see if it works for you.

See these awesome other mommy and me matching dresses from the Target line! I think they’re adorable and can work for both mom and daughter. Not ALL dresses will work because some dresses like super young, but I do love these few options! I think they’re sweet and chic and trendy! You’ll have some fun with your little one matching mom and me away! Enjoy the fashion options!

See some of my other mom and me matching posts on the blog, too! I love love love to dress up with my girl! These Mom and Daughter Matching Outfits are my fave! There are so many stores, too that do offer just twinning looks… but if you’re looking for some cheaper options in the meantime – this is my favorite way to make it work!

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  1. Love these outfits. Makes me wish I would have had a girl in order to be twinsies with. Keep posting them, as they are great gift ideas for the ladies in my life.

Matching Mom and Me – Sequin Dresses was last modified: January 2nd, 2020 by Audrey McClelland