18 Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List from BJ’s Wholesale Club

Gift giving during the holidays is my favorite part. There’s something about giving someone something special that you picked out just for them and watching their eyes light up. It gets me every single time. I’m someone who actually loves spending time picking things out, I’m never overwhelmed by the gift giving rush during the holidays!

BJ’s Wholesale Club is a destination (as many of you know) that I frequent often and I personally love (love, love) that I can buy gifts there, too for the people on my holiday shopping list. I’m there weekly for household essentialsmilk, bread, toilet paper, paper towels, detergent, etc… so the fact that I can do one-stop holiday shopping there, too? AMAZING! I truly can stock up on so much more than just my weekly essentials! When I say so much more, I mean… so much more, especially during the holidays!

BJ’s is a great place to shop for everyone on your holiday list! There’s truly something for everyone! And if you don’t believe me, you will believe me by the end of this post! I want to show you how you can truly shop for anyone (at any age) at BJ’s for the holidays. It’s a fun holiday challenge I love to talk about, and I hope I’m able to give you lots of ideas.

The first thing I want to say before I show you some of my favorite gifts at BJ’s is not to stress right now. There’s still plenty of time to shop! I actually remember my father going shopping on Christmas Eve morning for my mom! I’m not encouraging that, but I do want to share with you that many times I’m still shopping up until the days before Christmas and that’s OK, especially when you have places like BJ’s to help you out!

I’m going to share with you a list of people that I’m going to shop for at BJ’s for the holidays. I’m purposely selecting family and friends that are all different ages and different relationships to us, just so you can see firsthand how BJ’s really has you covered on the gift giving front!

I’ll be shopping for 18 different people in my life at BJ’s – my father (over 70), 8 teachers (all different ages), my baby nephew (7 months), my daughter (age 6), my tween son (age 11), my niece (she’s 19), my son’s swim coach, my neighbor (she’s 80), my husband (he’s 45) and my godson (he’s 3).

Best HOliday Shopping Ideas

Ready for some holiday fun? Here goes!

My father! He’s super tough to shop for because he has just about everything he needs, but he’s been talking about wanting the Ninja Air Fryer lately – so I’m going for it! I know he’s going to love it and really get some awesome use out of it! He’s going to flip out when he sees it because I know he’s not expecting it!

Holiday Gift Ideas from BJ's Wholesale Club

The Ninja Air Fryer XL is a fast and easy way to cook your favorite foods. Cook and crisp 3-lbs. of French fries or wings, using little to no oil in a family-sized 5.5-qt. basket. Create guilt-free fried favorites for the whole family which you can air fry, air roast, bake, reheat, and dehydrate for the ultimate versatility. A nonstick, nano-ceramic basket is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Now for the teachers in our life! I always love to get the teachers something extra and personal. Many times at schools parents supervise a group gift and I always contribute to that, but I love to do something a little extra as well. BJ’s has gift sets that are all pre-packaged for you! You literally just have to buy and give, it’s that easy! I loved these mug sets that are all packed with Godiva chocolates and hot cocoa packets! It’s the perfect fun gift for the teachers in our lives!

Holiday Gift Ideas from BJ's Wholesale Club

Next up – my 7-month-old baby nephew Brad! He’s such a little peanut and I love him to pieces! I’m excited for his 1st Christmas, but my sister has said to me, “Please don’t buy toys – we have so many from his older brother and sister!” She said to get something that she could really use for him, so I went with what I always wanted people to gift us when we had babies DIAPERS!!! I grabbed her a package of my fave Pampers! Diapers can add up, so whenever someone would buy them for us as a gift – it really was a GIFT! Think essentials for new moms and dads this holiday season!

Holiday Gift Ideas from BJ's Wholesale Club

My daughter wants just about everything for Christmas this year! At 6 years old the magic is alive and well and she just wants it ALL! Thankfully with BJ’s exclusive Top Ten Toys list, they make it easy for anyone to shop for kids! Just look for the signs! You’ll know it’s a HOT gift! But for my girl? She’s obsessed with Frozen right now because of the new movie out and BARBIE! Everything is BARBIE for her at the moment! She eyed a few things that (ahem) may already be home hidden for the big day!

Holiday Gift Ideas from BJ's Wholesale Club

Disney Frozen 2 Follow-Me Olaf with BJ’s Exclusive Colored Remote – Embark on your own adventure with the Disney Frozen 2 Follow-Me Friend Olaf plush. Use the exclusively colored snowflake remote to bring Olaf to life with movement, phrases and music. When activated to speak, his mouth opens and closes, head turns side to side, and eyes open and close. He can even raise his eyebrows. Olaf will follow the blue snowflake image projected by the snowflake controller, and everyone will love singing along with Olaf as he sings a new song from Disney Frozen 2. Olaf even says some of his signature phrases from the movie.

Holiday Gift Ideas from BJ's Wholesale Club

Barbie Best Fashion Friend 28″ Doll – Collect this timeless limited edition Barbie Best Fashion Friend 28″ Doll. Standing over 2′ tall, Barbie is dressed in a sparkling pink tea-length dress accented with a matching bow and glittering shawl. Barbie even features rooted eyelashes and is articulated so she can be moved in fun poses. This collectible Barbie comes in a commemorative limited-edition package and is perfect for kids and collectors alike.

My son Henry is 11 years old! My tween! I keep having moms and dads ask me about gifts for tweens because this can be a tough age to buy for when it comes to knowing exactly what they want and like. You can shop for gifts found exclusively online at BJ’s, too – which I love! I found this awesome MD Sports 8-In-1 Two Player Basketball Game for him! He loves basketball and I know this will be a fun gift for him and his brothers!

Holiday Shopping at BJ's

I also snagged him a couple of toys because he’s still 11 and I know he loves to PLAY! Hot Wheels Zero Gravity Slot Car Track Set was what I found for him! He LOVES setting up tracks and having some fun with them!
(Insert photo of me holding Hot Wheels)

Holiday Gift Ideas from BJ's Wholesale Club

The Hot Wheels Zero Gravity Slot Car Track Set features a 26.2′ track length in a vertical track design and looping along the track that can be used to race its included Hot Wheels cars up and down. Each set comes with one track set, two 3.5″ long, 1:43 scale Hot Wheels slot cars with working headlights, two wireless remote controllers and a lap counter. An adaptor for the track is included and also requires four AAA batteries for the controllers (not included.)

Next up? My niece! She’s 19 years old and is enjoying college break right now! I wanted to get her something that she would enjoy and just be able to relax with while home. She’s also a HUGE (like her auntie!) romance book junkie! I had to buy myself a few books while shopping, but also wanted to pick her up some, too! I found all the new books that I haven’t read yet and stockpiled! She’ll be getting a few of these for Christmas! I don’t want to share exact ones and ruin the surprise – but all of these are perfect picks for her (and me!).

Best Romance Books for 2020

My son’s swim coach is next! He’s a BIG sports guy, so I wanted to get him something to reflect that love. BJ’s has a ton of local team sportswear, which makes it so easy to shop for New England fans! I love the hats that they have because they’re very stylish, but also very well priced! They have every team to choose from, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong with a hat for him!

Best HOliday Shopping Ideas

Next? My neighbor! We have the best neighbor, she’s always so sweet and helps us whenever we need it! She decorates so beautifully during the holidays, so I thought getting her 2 beautiful poinsettia plants would be the perfect gift! You could honestly gift these to just about any adult this holiday! BJ’s has gorgeous ones that are big and beautiful! We snagged 2 for ourselves, too!

Holiday Gift Idea for Teachers

My husband! He’s a tough one to shop for because he really doesn’t ask for anything! I’m so the opposite! LOL! The only thing he’s remotely interested in getting for the holidays are things he actually does need. He needs a grill so bad! Our grill broke this summer, so I know this has been on his list! I don’t want to share the exact one we’re getting him, but there are amazing options like this one – Char-Griller Premium Kettle Charcoal Grill and Smoker for less than $150 right now at BJ’s!

Char-Griller Premium Kettle Charcoal Grill and Smoker – The Char-Griller Premium Kettle Charcoal Grill & Smoker is the new standard in kettle grills. This grill comes complete with amazing features such as dual dampers as well as side shelves and a bottom storage shelf for easy organization. This grill is also designed with a unique hinged lid and from the most durable quality, making it your one stop shop for all your grilling and smoking needs.

Holiday Gift Ideas from BJ's Wholesale Club

Last up? My godson! He’s 3 years old and loves to play! He has so many toys, so I wanted to get him something a little different! The second I saw this cute little rocking horse, I knew it was perfect! It’s plush, so it’s super soft and it’s small… so I won’t worry about him falling off something too high! Victoria wanted it, so I knew it had to be a good pick!

I hope this helps!!! I had so much fun creating this list and shopping at BJ’s Wholesale Club! If you have any questions about anything, always feel free to reach out! To get more information head over to bjs.com. If you’re not a member, please make sure you join if you have a club near YOU!

Happy holidays to you ALL!! Here’s to happy and stress-free shopping!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with BJ’s Wholesale Club. All opinions are 100% my own.

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