Hallmark Christmas Movies 2019 Checklist – Full List and Schedule

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2019! I’m telling you, I wait for this all year long. I wish I could say I was kidding, but I’m not. I literally clear my weekend nights throughout the winter for some good old fashioned love stories! I have to admit, the good thing is that Hallmark has stepped up their romance movie game and has them throughout the entire year, so I have had my fix – but there’s something about CHRISTMAS MOVIES that just makes me so happy!

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2019 Checklist

Hallmark Christmas Movies Checklist

To get excited for the upcoming 2019 Hallmark Channel “Countdown to Christmas” MOVIES I made a CHECKLIST of all the movies, along with the dates that they will premiere! There are some awesome ones this season and it’s sure to bring some extra holiday cheer into your life. You won’t miss a thing with this checklist! Everything is there for you nice and neat and organized. If you happen to miss a movie, don’t worry – you can find it on this checklist and make sure you watch it!

Just look at some of these titles!! Get ready for the movies that are coming! I’m telling you – the names of the movies get me super excited! There’s a secret to the sauce. The Hallmark formula is all the same… intro —> conflict —> happily-ever-after. Even though I know the formula, I still cry watching every movie! They just get me in the gut and get me right in the heart! They are so awesome and the best is that Hallmark uses the same actors and actresses year after year so you really get used to them, too!

The best part is that all the movies start BEFORE Halloween this year again! It’s just so much fun to start celebrating Christmas this much earlier. There’s something really fun about bringing in the holiday love before Halloween and Thanksgiving. It got me so excited that last year we popped our tree up mid November! Why not enjoy the lights and the beauty early, right?

Here is the FULL Hallmark Christmas Movies 2019 Checklist! I made 2 of them for you to pick what one feasts your festive fancy the most!

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2019 Checklist

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2019 Checklist

Don’t miss out on this wonderful time of year over at Hallmark! They’ve really created such a wonderful tradition over there for viewers and it’s something I’ve been tuning into for years now. To see them expanding their offerings so much is just terrific! I’ve loved seeing the awesome Hallmark growth!

If you missed last year and want to see if you can find any of the movies on DVR, see 2018’s Full Hallmark Christmas Movies list. My suggestion is to get yourself a warm, cozy blanket and just get ready to sit back and enjoy the beauty of the season on the couch!



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