Designer Dupes on Amazon: 4 I’m Crushing On

I’m all about finding Designer Dupes because I don’t want (and really can’t) to pay full price for gorgeous items that I’m (literally) craving and dying to get. Here’s the thing with finding some awesome dupes right now, you honestly can’t tell the different between the real and the fake. Leave it to Amazon to have the best designer dupes products out there!

Designer Dupes on Amazon

When I lived in NYC I would head down to Chinatown and stock up on Louis Vuitton Designer Dupes. It was always so much fun to go down there and see what I coudld get for a fraction of the cost. I could never (EVER) afford to splurge on a Louis Vuitton bag when I was 21 years old. I could barely make rent, never mind drop $500 on a small handbag.

My tastes for designer handbags were solid back then and even now – fast forward 2 years later – not much has changed. I have been able to buy a bunch of real designer handbags, shoes and accessories throughout the years, but still – I hate dropping crazy prices. I have this thing now where I think of my 5 kids and all that I could get for them with that money!

I’ve found the best of both worlds now with finding the best designer dupes and buying those. Here’s the deal with it, these items aren’t proclaiming to be the designer items, these are just items that look like them and are simply designer dupes – duplicates.

Best Designer Dupes on Amazon

I’ve been buying a ton online lately and have discovered amazon is the mother ship when it comes to finding and buying some amazing and awesome designer dupes. I’ve looked high and low. I’ve scoured. I’ve bought more items on amazon then I care to admit, just to find some items that truly look and feel like the “real” ones.

I recently just bought about 12 items and wanted to report back on 4 of them with you. I don’t want anyone to think that everything you find online is a great dupe. Some look so ridiculously cheap that it’s not even worth the money, even if it’s super duper cheap. I prefer to share what ones are the best and encourage you to buy these if this is what you’re looking for for yourself!

Here are 4 amazing designer dupes that I just found on AMAZON.

Amazon Dupes:

#1 Valentino Jellies
Rockstud Jelly Thong

Find on Amazon here for $19.99:

Why are these so amazing?

TENGYUFLY Womens Rivets Bowtie Flip Flops Jelly Thong Sandal Rubber Flat Summer Beach Rain Shoes Black. Jelly flip-flops bow with studded 34 pieces metallic rivets, anti-sliding design in the sole. High quality soft rubber sole materials, water proof sandal perfect for all weather. Women jelly flip-flops perfect for casual summer pool beach rain, any occasion!

#2 Celine Cat Eye Sunglasses in Acetate
500 USD

Find on Amazon here for $14.99:

O2 Eyewear 1762 Premium Oversize XXL Women Men Mirror Havana Tilda Shadow Style Fashion Sunglasses. OVERSIZED XXL, Lightweight frame
*Tinted Lens, 100% Protection Against Harmful UVA/UVB Rays lens
Lightweight For Superior Comfort MAJOR FASHION wayfarer
Tinted lens Oversized Lightweight For Superior Comfort frame Sunglasses for woman and man with Highly Protective Cases

#3 David Yurman  – Rope Bracelet

Find on Amazon for $19.95: #3 –

Designer Inspired 18k White and Yellow Gold Plated Chain Cable Twisted Link Bracelet
Real 18K Yellow and White Gold Plated
Length of the bracelet 7.5″ Twisted Cable Wire link 14x19x3mm Plain Chain link 13x17x2mm
Everyday use, Party, Anniversary, Valentine Gift, Mother’s Day gift Christmas Gift
Anti-allergic / High Polished,”nickel” free.

#4 Gucci Belt


Find on Amazon for $16.99 here:

Classic Fashion Unisex Leather Belt.
✦Retro Leather Belt: High quality cowhide leather. Exquisite workmanship that touch so soft and durable.
✦Vintage Buckle Belt: We adopt the most popular retro vintage letter buckle. You can take it to match you jeans, pants, dresses even in office and party. The buckle length is 2.3 inch, the buckle width is 1.6 inch.
Can Be Trimmed Belt: You can trim with the punch tool which enclosed with the package if belt too large for you.

I’m telling you, you don’t want to miss out on some of these awesome deals that you can scour online. My rule of thumb with fashion is that you can pull off anything if you wear it with confidence. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on designer items. You truly don’t take it from me – someone who literally has in the past. If you’re in love with ONE item, go for it… but items that you might use here and there, go for dupes.

I also think it’s important to note that you can find designer dupes in different spots, too. You don’t just have to be on amazon. I’ve found them everywhere. There was a pair of heels on Shein that looked JUST LIKE a pair of Valentino heels I wanted. It’s knowing what you love and then being on the lookout for some awesome dupes. They ARE out there.

I’m thrilled to have you see if any of these items work for you. I’m going to be updating some additional posts and videos with links, too for some more items. If you know of anything, make sure you share with me, too! I think it’s fun to share with each other and really help everyone have the best wardrobe possible for the best price.

Don’t forget, too! I’m a LOVER of all nice and fancy things. I’m not saying it’s not good to splurge, but you don’t have to all the time!  I just want to provide some options that work for people, too.

Love for you to check out more of my YouTube videos over on our channel! We post all the time lifestyle videos and I’m bringing in more and more fashion items, too! We love to get new subscribers to our channel over there!

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Designer Dupes on Amazon: 4 I’m Crushing On was last modified: August 9th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland