Swim Meet Snacks

We’re a big swimming family, especially in the summer. All of my kids officially do swim team now and they absolutely love, love, love it! There’s something about summer swim team and how laid back and fun it is for kids. Even though our summer swim team isn’t as intense as our winter club team, I’m still on top of packing healthy swim meet snacks for everyone. I need to make sure my kids are fueled and ready to GO!

Swim Meet Snacks

swim team snacks

If you’re a swimming family, you know that when it comes to swim meets it’s really long days on the pool deck. The difference between summer swim and winter swim is the length of the meets. Winter meets can literally last all day long and they can drain the heck of a little swimmer if they’re not eating and drinking enough. Summer meets are quick and easy, usually only lasting about 2-3 hours in the morning.

I swam when I was a little girl, so fortunately I went into swimming with my kids with my eyes wide open. I knew (and know) when I was a kid that it takes good food to keep you moving. My mom was fantastic helping me and my sister get prepped and prepared for swim meets with delicious swim meet snacks and drinks. My mom would even wake up extra early and make us baked potatoes! It was all about carbo loads, she really knew what to do and it showed.

Swim Meet Snacksswim team snacks

If you’re a swim team mom or dad, I wanted to share some of the best swim meet snacks because it’s not always easy to know what would be good (or bad) for your kids to eat on the pool deck. Many times your child goes off with their team and you don’t see them or even talk to them again until after the swim meet!  In all honesty – this drives me crazy! There’s no way to get to my kids, so you just need to make sure you’ve packed the best snacks for them.

Here is a full list of swim meet snacks that you can keep bookmarked for yourself and your swimmer:

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
Peanut Butter Crackers
Apple Slices
Pirates Booty Popcorn
Cheese Slices/Sticks
Dried Fruit
Tuna Sandwich
Turkey Sandwich (meat roll-ups)
Rice Cakes
Celery Sticks (add hummus or peanut butter)
Veggie Sticks
Trail Mix
Plain Crackers
Hardboiled Eggs
Beef Jerky
Graham Crackers
Cereal Bars
Cold Cereal in Bags
Cucumber Slices
Pepper Slices

I wanted to make sure you had a solid list of ideas for swim meet snacks. I know with my 5 kids they all like different things. It’s always crazy because none of them all really want the same thing, at the same time. I’m fine with packing a bunch of different things, but I do not want them consuming foods that aren’t good for swimming. It’s always funny because swim meet snack bars always have brownies, candies, donuts and other high fat foods. It never ceases to amaze me!

I just want my kids to understand that it’s necessary for them to keep themselves fueled up on good foods that will keep their energy up and not drain their energy tank. As much as I’m sure they want the donut, it’s not what you want in your stomach when you’re swimming your heart out! You don’t want to get sick mid race! I always used to want to eat the worst foods and then I did, I never swam well. Sometimes it’s just about learning the hard way!

My advice in the morning for breakfast on your way to a swim meet is making sure they don’t over eat, but also making sure good foods are in them. I like to have my kids eat a bagel in the morning with light layer of cream cheese right on it. I don’t want them to be stuffed with heavy foods. I also feel that it’s extremely important for them to be hydrated with water and some good sports drinks. I always make sure my kids have liquids on them, ALWAYS.

If you have any questions about swim meet snacks, please feel free to reach out to me. I’m all about making sure I help spread the word because swimming is one of my fave sports and it’s essential to make sure you’re prepared for them. I always think of it like this, you train so hard and so long for swimming. You spend hours in the pool y yourself swimming up and down the lane. You really put in so much of yourself, always. When it’s swim meet time, you want to excel and really use your training!

With the help of training comes doing your part on the food and drink front, so it’s important to make sure you’re doing just that! I love being able to share what I know because I know how important it is for swimmers. If I see my kids not drinking or eating from the stands, I always try to signal to them to EAT and DRINK! It’s so funny – me and every single other parent in the stands!

Make sure you take some time to read about the beauty of choosing swimming as a sport for your family. It’s a sport that we love and I adore the fact that it’s a life sport. It’s the kind of sport you can literally do your entire life. It’s also a safety thing, too. I wanted all of my kids to learn how to swim. It was something that I was very serious about just for water safety.

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Swim Meet Snacks was last modified: October 20th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland