Vrbo Vacation Rentals – Use Trip Boards to Plan Your Summer Vacation

I’m all about making summer vacation rentals super easy. As a family of 7, renting a home is the easiest and best option for us during summer vacations because we’re all together. I don’t have to worry about 2 hotel rooms. Vrbo vacation rentals (“VER-boh” – that’s the new way to say Vrbo’s name) are an amazing option for any family (and person) to utilize for summer vacations.

vrbo vacation rentals

Vrbo Vacation Rentals

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When it comes to deciding where to go for our summer vacation, I always try to find a place that feels like paradise for us. We have such busy schedules during the year, so I know that in the summer I really need to embrace the “down time” with the kids as much as I possibly can. I adore being with my 5 kids and husband and when we’re on vacation it’s true – real – vacation time.

Vrbo Vacation Rentals

Trying to decide where to go is the toughest part for our family because we have so many destinations that we love to travel to as a family. I usually have some summer “guidelines” when it comes to deciding where we’re going to travel to and choose one of the Vrbo Vacation Rentals:

  • Needs to be within a reasonable driving distance. Since we do have 7 people in our family, cutting down that flight cost is a big deal. I like to make sure wherever we go, we can easily drive to in a few hours.
  • Wherever we go I like to make sure that there’s activities that all the kids can do. I have kids that range in age from 5 years old to 14 years old. I need to make sure there’s something for everyone.
  • I love to walk as a family. I really like to make sure that wherever we stay it’s in a walk-able area. I love to walk to restaurants and beaches and stores.

The reason why I choose Vrbo to help plan my summer vacations is because Vrbo is the go-to for families and friends to book vacations homes, cabins and condos. I love that you have the option to book all 3 of these AND that you can customize the size of the rental by how many people you’re traveling with. They really do make it so easy for you to look, find and book.

The cool thing is that Vrbo Vacation Rentals are even easier to plan with the Vrbo app. If you don’t have it on your phone yet, I highly suggest it. It makes booking and planning your trip super easy, right at your fingertips! You have access to the Trip Boards via the app, too (and on desktop we well). The app even has push-notifications that allow users to stay up to date on Trip Board activity in real-time.

Vrbo Vacation Rentals

Since there’s so many gorgeous places for me to travel to with my family under my McClelland Family Guidelines, I’ve been making it easier on myself and using Vrbo Vacation Rentals feature: Trip Boards. If you haven’t checked Trip Boards out yet on Vrbo, GO NOW! It’s awesome and it’s such an easy and practical way to plan and book your summer vacation.

Vrbo’s Trip Boards make it easy to plan vacations by allowing travelers to create custom Trip Boards with their fave properties. I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve lost myself for hours creating and looking around at some incredible properties. You just can’t stop yourself, they are all so beautiful and you really get a good idea as to what you want and need.

Vrbo Vacation Rentals Trip Boards can easily and instantly be shared with friends and family members who can vote, comment and ultimately choose the most ideal place to stay together. Since my sons are teens now, I know they want to be involved in the process. They love to see where we’re going to be staying and love to pop in their input.

I created one for Cape Cod, MA because it’s my happy place. It’s. My. Happy. Place. I would live there all summer if I possibly could. I’m obsessed with Cape Cod and I can’t get enough of it. I want to make sure we go there all the time – throughout the year – but the summer is the BEST time ever. There are so many options in Cape Cod, MA and I made my dream Trip Board list!

Vrbo Vacation Rentals

If you’re looking to find savings when planning your next family vacation, check out Vrbo’s Bang for Your Buck Index. This index identifies the most cost-effective destinations. What do I mean by that? They actually help you identify vacation homes that cost less than $250 per night, both international and domestic. I love this feature because if we’re looking to do just a quick – last minute type vacation (year round) I can use this so that it allows me to see the most reasonable.

As you can tell – we love summer vacation time. It’s truly all about the memories for me!

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All in all, I love renting a home because I want to feel like I’m home when I go away. I want to spread out and be comfortable. I love to cook and bake and be together. I don’t want to be squished for 4-5 nights in small rooms. I want my kids to really feel like they’re away, but that they can relax and enjoy. I love Vrbo because they allow me to bring my family to so many different places in the world.

Make sure you look into checking out Vrbo Vacation Rentals next time you’re planning a trip.

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Check out Vrbo for more info and go book your next trip!

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Vrbo Vacation Rentals – Use Trip Boards to Plan Your Summer Vacation was last modified: July 11th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland