Mother’s Day Poem

This Mother’s Day Poem is dedicated to all the moms close and far away. Today we celebrate you. Happy Mother’s Day.

mother's day poem

To the new moms,
Seasoned mom,
And (very) seasoned moms.

To the moms with one kid and the moms with many.

To the moms waking up at 3AM for feedings,
To the moms still sharing their beds (and floors),
To the moms staying up late for curfew,
To the moms who have kids who leave nearby,
And to the moms who need to travel to see their kids.

To the moms going through the terrible twos,
To the moms battling the teen years,
To the moms wishing they were back to any one of those years.

To the moms who don’t have help,
To the moms that do.
To the moms working one job,
To the moms working multiple jobs
To the moms hustling every single day.
To the moms who stay at home, work from home or work out of the home.

To the moms who are doing the laundry, making the lunches, washing the dishes, ironing the clothes, making beds, bathing babies, cleaning showers and tubs, cooking dinner… and then pressing repeat the next day.

To the moms mending broken hearts, gashed knees, helping with homework, encouraging future plans, prepping kids for first job interviews, working extra jobs to pay for activities, worrying (about anything and everything) for their kids.

To the single moms and married moms.
To the moms looking for love and the ones that have the love.

To the moms burning the candle at both ends.
To the moms helping other moms.
To the moms staying up late to sew those costumes,
And to the moms making birthday cupcakes for class at 2AM.

To the moms who need a vacation and those ones who don’t.
To the moms who love their jobs and the ones that don’t.
To the moms who believe in happily ever afters and the ones that don’t.
To the moms that look like they need a lending hand,
And to the moms that need a helping hand, but pretend they don’t.

To all the moms.
Out there far and wide.
May TODAY be a day for YOU.
May TODAY be a day that makes you smile within and know that today is about YOU.
Forget about the cards.
Forget about the gifts.
Forget about the texts.
Forget about the calls.
Today is about the DAY you became a mom. That magical, meant to be day.
Take the time today to remember what it was like to know you were expecting a little baby.
You were excited and scared and nervous.
Maybe you’re still waiting to meet you baby.
Maybe you’re little one is running around in front of you.
Maybe your child is playing video games or chasing bubbles outside.
Maybe your child is driving to see you.
Maybe your child is Facetiming you, just to see your face.

Mother’s Day.
It’s a DAY for all of us moms.
As tough and difficult and scary as it is to be a mom, it’s also the most amazing and extraordinary thing to be.
May all of us moms smile at each other today.
May we know the unconditional love we all feel.

May we all wish each other Happy Mother’s Day.
May you always know you’re not alone and have the support of every mom and mama before you and by your side right there with you.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and heartfelt poem. I hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

  2. Such a beautiful poem! There are nothing in this world like Mamas! Hope you had an amazing one!

  3. i love this and happy mother’s day. i love the poem because so nostalgic and sweet.

  4. Mother’s Day is usually a difficult day for me because my mom died when I was young. However, I understand the importance of mothers in the world and respect the effort it takes to be a good mother. I hope you had a good Mother’s Day!

  5. This is so nice! And so meaningful to all the moms out there. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day too.

Mother’s Day Poem was last modified: October 19th, 2019 by admin