Macy’s Clothing for Summer Outfits PLUS $100 Macy’s GIVEAWAY!

I’m all about adding new clothes into my wardrobe for the summer months ahead! As a full time working mom, I need to make sure I have clothing that will work for my professional life and my personal life, too. I love fashion, so for me – it’s always a true treat to be able to shop till I drop in a new season! Macy’s is an amazing option for women because they offer so much! Macy’s clothing for summer outfits are a hit because you can find something at every price point, but I found the motherload (literally) while visiting their Macy’s Backstage department and feeling like a kid in a candy store.

Macy’s Clothing for Summer Outfits

I have never shopped Macy’s Backstage before! I was dazzled by the options and the styles and just in fashion love! If you’re not familiar with the Macy’s clothing in the Macy’s Backstage department it’s off price, on trend, arriving daily. You can easily visit your local Macy’s Backstage department store for amazing deals on affordable clothing for both women & men, designer handbags, home, beauty, toys & more all at a great price. I had so much fun being there by myself  just going from rack to rack to rack and seeing all the clothing and trying everything on! I’m a big lover of finding clothing that not only makes me feel beautiful, but also fits perfectly.

I thought it would be fun to have a clothing TRY ON sess for you! I took a bunch of the Macy’s clothing into the dressing room and had the time of my life! I’m telling you – there were definitely some hits and misses, but I do think I had more hits! I was really taken by many of the fashions, but there were a few that really popped for me to the max! I had to decide what ones I was going to take home (I couldn’t buy them all!), but I wanted to make sure I documented some of my faves in some photos! I thought that these were the cutest and the most stylish for me! I also thought that these were more of the clothing items that I would actually wear out and about!

How cute is this show stopping flower on the blouse? Pretty cute, right?

Macy's Clothing for Summer

I’m a fashion sucker for a peasant top, so I fell in love with this option immediately!  Great way to hide a mom belly!

Macy's Clothing

This was a cute top! It’s long in the back and short in the front. I loved how different and unique it was, super fab and gorgeous!

Macy's Clothing

This top had me at HELLO! I love this top! It’s not something I would wear every single day, but it’s something I would wear to a special occasion! I love love love the color, too! It’s so beautiful.

Macy's Clothing for Summer

And of course – I needed to try a black version of it, too! I thought it was just stunning!

Summer outfits for 2019

This easy, breezy summer dress is fantastic! I thought it would be cute to try this on for some summer fun!

Summer outfits for 2019

This off the shoulder dress option is super cute. I wasn’t sure how it would look on me, but I really did love it! It’s very elegant and classic and just pretty!

Summer outfits for 2019

I never, ever do pantsuits because I always feel like I’m to short (I’m 5 feet!), but this one fell in love with! I thought it was very sweet and cute!

Macy's Clothing

These items were my try on ones! As you can imagine, I loved having some fashion fun trying everything on! It was great to see all the options that Macy’s has to offer in their Macy’s Backstage department! I’m telling you – you need to make sure you try it out and see what they have for YOU!

I ended up snagging these items… dress, jeans, 2 pairs of shoes and a cute top! I was over the moon with these purchases and I know I’ll be wearing them a ton throughout the season! You can’t beat feeling your best in an item and these items make me feel gorgeous!

What to wear in the summer

What to wear in the summer

Now… I have a fun contest for you , too! This is for all the ladies out there! I’m giving away $100 gift card to Macy’s!! I want you to go and grab some Macy’s clothing for yourself! head to the Macy’s Backstage area and score some awesome items at some even more awesome prices! You will love being able to see what you can get for $100! I’m not kidding – I spent $150 and got (2) pairs of shoes, jeans, top and a dress! ALL AT MACY’S!!

I shopped at my local Macy’s location at the Providence Place Mall! If you’re local – the selections there were incredible! I was really excited as to how many awesome items there were! Providence will definitely be a local monthly stop in for me!

If you’re like me, you’re going to want to check in for some 4th of July outfits, summer essentials, summer hats, summer sandal essentials! You will be able to find all these things there, too!

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  1. These are all great looks! I love the two tops (blue and black) with the awesome sleeves.

  2. I would like to find a pair of comfortable sandals to wear in the warm weather! My dog chewed up my nicest pair!

  3. I have always wanted a cap that has a flap on the back and sides to cover my ears and neck. My grandfather had cancer on his ear from sun exposure, I always worry about that.

  4. I actually lost a little bit of weight and have no idea what size I am. I also am going to Hilton Head in a couple of months. I need swin/beachwear and everyday summer clothes.

  5. I need everything summer! I would love to find some capri’s. I just have a hard time finding ones that look right.

  6. Love these! I need new tops for summer. I love that Macy’s carries my boho fave brand, Free People!

  7. I really love what you picked out! I want some new shorts and a cute maxi.

  8. I need a few good tank tops, shorts and some sandals! Glad to see some great prices at Providence place when I am in town I usually stop there.

  9. I need summer shoes — sandals, flip flops, water shoes — all kinds of summery shoes!

  10. I have been following you on Instagram and I absolutely love your collection of tops especially the white one on the recent BJs post. This summer my shopping list looks like this a pair of camo Capri leggings, a couple of t shirts tpair with my grey and navy shorts, a shirt dress and a pair of sunglasses!

  11. I honestly need so much. I need basics for the summer as well as Tenny shoes, bras and beauty products.

  12. I majorly need some new short-sleeved tops. Almost all of mine from previous years are starting to look really worn out!

  13. I really need some shorts and capris for summer. I lost 65 pounds since last summer so nothing fits.

  14. I really need a new pair of comfortable, every day sandals that I can dress up or down.

  15. I NEED matching mother/daughter tops. As the mother of an adopted child sometimes travel is difficult because it’s obvious my daughter is not genetically mine. Wearing matching outfits tags us as together and family. It makes it so much easier when we get seperated to find each other and for travel professionals to keep us together. I can’t begin to tell you how much easier travel is when our family matches! It seems silly, but it works! Plus my daughter absolutely LOVES wearing the same clothes as mommy!

  16. Goodness, I really love so many of your picks! That flowy, peasant top is precious! Also, I really am loving those poufy sleeves.. so much sass! I really need a few new pair of shorts for Summer. Definitely some that aren’t as short as my older ones, ha!

  17. I need a few new tops and dresses. I would love something in light pink/peach. That first blouse is adorable and such a gorgeous color!

  18. I really need a new pair of capris and some sandals. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. What do I need – oh wow, I could get going… I just donated sooo many things, and now every time I go look for something I realize I donated it, but that is a good thing, if you knew they were getting too tight, too outdated, so I can say just about everything! I do need footwear, and I was just eyeballing at Macy’s the other day at the mall. Nice! Macy’s is a favorite of favs.

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