Are you ready for an easy summer giveaway!?

Let’s talk $50 to AMAZON!! Everyone needs SOMETHING from AMAZON!!


Thrilled to have it be a gorgeous time of year and so excited for this SPRING GIVEAWAY! I’m all about trying to stock up on some new items for the summer months ahead for myself and my family… I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for YOU to do just that for the spring! AMAZON has just about everything you need to get yourself prepped and ready – shoes, clothes, accessories, makeup, jewelry, etc!

Good luck!!

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  1. I’m laughing, because I need so many things. I donated quite a bit this spring, and keep going back to look for some of them, but I keep forgetting the reason they were donated is I can’t squeeze into them anymore, and even if I lose some, there’s no way, not just tops and bottoms, but bras, shoes, etc. are too tight now, too!

  2. I need several more pairs of shirts, running tops, sandals and a new swimsuit!

  3. I need new summer clothes and beachwear for our upcoming Hilton Head vacation.

  4. I really need new summer clothes – especially tanks and shorts! Hope your summer is amazing!

  5. i need sanity but they dont sell that so ill settle for a blender to make special mommy cocktails

  6. I need a sunblock that helps with skin dryness and aging and a sunhat that looks good! A comfy reclining chair for enjoying the evening sunset would be nice too!

  7. I NEED fun activities to keep my 5 boys busy so I can take care of baby sis!! Maybe a few of shorts for myself too.

  8. I am in need of a good pair of walking shoes and some bug spray and sunglasses.

  9. I need new underwear. The kids have everything they need, yet I’m wearing the same undies from before they were born 😂

  10. I need a new pair of sunglasses! I broke my current pair last week

  11. I definitely need some fun outdoor toys for my nephew, maybe a water table or a sprinkler!

  12. I need some new bird feeders for my yard for summer and a bird bath too.

  13. I need time in the he water. Whether it’s the pool, ocean, lake, or river, I don’t care!

  14. I would love to get a cute striped dress for summer and some new sandals. I like getting things from my wishlist.

  15. I need lot’s of snacks for our 5 grandkids that will be here daily!!!

  16. I desperately need new pants that fit me now that I’ve lost all this weight. Honestly need a whole new wardrobe, as I still have stuff in my closet from about 30 years ago.

  17. I need some vacation supplies this summer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. I really need new shorts. I have a lot of great summer tops but my shorts are getting worn and need updating.

  19. I have recently lost a lot of weight, so I need some new clothes for summer

  20. I need more games and things to keep my only child busy and happy this summer while school is out

  21. My teen daughter “stole” my favorite pair of sunglasses, an old pair of aviators, so I need to buy another pair !!!

  22. I need some new shorts for the summer. Hopefully the weather is going to warm up any day now and it’ll actually start to feel like summer outside.

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