Woman Within – Every Body is Beautiful

I’ll never forget working for fashion designer Donna Karan fresh out of college. She was a fashion dynamo. She was a creative genius with a sketch book. But truly what made her so amazing to be around was that she understood women. She used to say that a dress isn’t just a dress on a rack, it’s am emotion. I had never thought of fashion like that before. She showed me that fashion can transform a woman into a confident, beautiful being. Clothing can be part of who we are and who we want to be. When I heard about Woman Within doing this incredible Every Body is Beautiful campaign, I feel in fashion love. Yes. To. It. All.

Every. Body. Is. Beautiful.

Woman Within – Every Body Is Beautiful

I believe this to the core and I personally love what they are doing for women with this beautiful and powerful campaign. I love seeing a brand I know and love showcasing positivity and beauty and togetherness.

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Woman Within is a plus-size fashion brand that has been making sizes 12-44 for over 100 years based on the core belief that everybody is beautiful (way before size-inclusivity became all the rage!). The brand is the true industry expert in fit, comfort, and value. What I personally love is that want every woman to feel beautiful and so they have created the most stylish and on trend items to do just that!

Woman Within Every Body is Beautiful

Woman Within just launched Every Body is Beautiful, a campaign that is an authentic celebration of our customers and includes women of different ages, sizes, and ethnicities. The brand also collaborated with 6 diverse influencers to help spread the word – @GlitterandLazers, @AllisonKimmey, @SuitsHeelsCurves,@ThePlusLifeBlog, @MaxeyGreene, and @CarineC83. The influencers and real customers featured in the campaign range from ages 25-75 and sizes 14-34 to represent the brand’s commitment to serving ALL women.

Woman Within Every Body is Beautiful

What is so beautiful about Woman Within is that they celebrate every woman. They celebrate women in all shapes and sizes. They cater towards the modern woman who wants to feel her best and look her best! I love the spring and summer trends right now, too! Florals and beautiful colors pop in this collection! I love how happy and vibrant and beautiful the styles and pieces are for women!

Woman Within Every Body is Beautiful

How beautiful are these dresses, right!? I love the colors!

Woman Within Every Body is Beautiful

Fashion IS emotional. How many times have you felt blue and then put on an outfit and felt transformed? It could be as easy as just finding the perfect jeans or a beautiful blouse or stunning dress! Fashion makes you feel like who you truly want to be! You can go out into the world ready to take on anything! I love that about fashion and styles. I love that about Woman Within. I love that about this fabulous Every Body Is Beautiful campaign.

Woman Within Every Body is Beautiful

Please take the time to share this with a woman in your life. Please make sure you always believe that you are beautiful. I love being able to share all my favorite fashion and style stories here! If you have any questions about Woman Within or the campaign, drop a comment below!!

Have a beautiful weekend my friends!

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  1. I’m really in favor of the body positive moment that has been on social media recently. I wish that same sentiment had been around when I was growing up.

  2. After I had my daughter 17 years ago, I went from medium sized to plus sized and have stayed that way. I really like this campaign, as it shows ALL women are beautiful, no matter the size. And they actually have some cute looking clothes for plus sized women as well, which is great.

  3. It’s a shame so many peoples self esteem is based on their appearance. Hope campaigns and movements such as this can change minds.

  4. You have to work with what you’re given. Every person has flaws. So what? Emphasize the positives. More importantly love the unique individual you were born to be. 🙂

Woman Within – Every Body is Beautiful was last modified: April 27th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland