GIVEAWAY: $50 Gift Card to Macy’s

Who wants a few gorgeous new items for their closet for the spring and summer months ahead? I know I’m dying for a few new items to make their way into my closet. I’m in love with the spring and summer trends right now. They are filled with beautiful colors and prints. I love seeing clothing reflecting the season at hand, it’s just the perfect time of year! It’s just gorgeous!

So have some fun with the SPRING AND SUMMER! Let’s have a $50 Macy’s Gift Card GIVEAWAY!!

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  1. summer…. I love the warm weather, the beach, the fun day or weekend trips to visit relatives, going to Newport to see the ships, going shopping in Providence and MA, visiting my local Maine beaches, cookouts, camping… it is such a welcome break after a long winter.

  2. I could use some lighter weight clothes. We moved south, and I am anticipating it getting really hot here.

  3. I love getting to travel some in the summer. I also love having longer daylight hours.

  4. And my fave part of summer (besides vacays!) is spending days at the pool. I love the water…

  5. So I dug our my sandals finally and find all the leather cracked so now I need some new sandals! Also some comfortable jean shorts or a cute jean skirt!

  6. I would like to get a new dress and some sandals! I need something lightweight for warm weather.

  7. I love the warm weather and sunshine in the summer! I also enjoy having my kids home with me to do fun activities.

  8. Summer Beach days with my children. Building sand castles, chasing littles with sunscreen, naming new freckles on my sweet boy’s faces! Summer is our favorite!

  9. Oh my goodness – I desperately need some new sandals! And some kind of cute little wrap to use with sleeveless dresses.

  10. I love being able to sit out on our 2nd floor balcony at night, have a glass of wine, and enjoy twilight!

  11. Ummm just about everything. I had an event last night that I started trying my spring and summer pieces, and woops – I gained more than I realized, and I already put a pile in a donation bag, no way I’ll fit into them again, even if I lose a few. I had to go super casual and felt out of place.

  12. I love the carefree feeling of sandals and a sun hat, the breeze that plays with your hair, and it staying light out into the evening.

  13. I need new clothes for summer. I have no shorts since giving birth to my daughter. I actually don’t really like summer, too hot for me.

  14. I definitely need several new pairs of shorts for summer as well as comfortable sandals for walking!

  15. What I love most about Summer is that we start to go camping at least once a month.

  16. What I need most for spring and summer is a hat, those rays are savage and unforgiving!

  17. I love summer’s warm weather and being able to swim and enjoy the water with my family.

  18. I love summer then its time to plant milkweed in our garden fro the Monarch butterflies to come and like in our yard.

  19. I’m with AI, I need a trip too! It’s been years since I’ve had a real vacation.

  20. It’s hard to pick just one favorite thing about summer … but I’d have to say the warm weather that allows us to be outside a lot.

  21. My favorite part of summertime in Florida is day trips to our local water parks!

  22. I like gardening in the Spring. I like the different wardrobe changes in the summer. I usually get shorts and capris.

  23. I love the warmer weather the flowers and being able to go out without layers of clothes

  24. Summer weather is the best time of the year here in the PNW! I also love the local fresh produce available during summer.

  25. I love being able to spend time outdoors without a coat! Sitting on my covered patio, enjoying my yard and gardens.

  26. I would like a cute floral kimono and maybe some flat shoes for spring time.

  27. Swim suits, and light clothing! I live in the south so it gets pretty hot and humid here. Light clothing is required, lol.

  28. I recently lost weight and I am in need of smaller clothes…boy, feels good to say that.

  29. We have a pool and I love exercising in the pool…did you know that your body doesn’t know you are in water? I do the crazies exercising but it’s worth it.

  30. I like being able to go to the beach or sit out by the pool in the summer
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  31. I love all the beach trips we have planned each summer along with all the yummy bbqs

  32. I live in a resort town in Florida and enjoy the tourists who visit here and boost our economy every Summer.

  33. I love spending time outdoors in the summer whether it is grilling, relaxing in the backyard, camping or swimming.

  34. I have been wanting some kind of silver camouflage tee for this spring and summer. I like the DKNY
    Short-Sleeve Camo-Print Tie-Front Top found at Macy’s currently.

  35. I need to get a new swimsuit and some cute summer/spring dresses and sandals.

  36. I love going outdoors and exploring with my kids in summer. I also love to go to beaches with family. Having said that I need some easy outfits for summer. Some floral print dresses and tops and skirts!!

  37. I finally stuck to a weight loss resolution this year and I am down 15 lbs. I tried on my shorts the other day and I am down at least a size, so I definitely need some new shorts for summer!

  38. i need maxi dresses and skirts for summer because i am pregnant and those are whats going to be comfortable for me.

  39. Love going to the beach & swimming in my pool. Really need a new swimsuit for the season. Thanks for the opportunity.

  40. What I love most about summer is being able to shed all my heavy winter clothes.

  41. I love the fact that this summer we are headed to the Smoky Mountains. I cannot wait to go swimming and walking and enjoying a picnic.

  42. I lost 65 pounds since last summer and I really need some shorts and t shirts that fit for the warmer summer months coming up

  43. I need a nice new pair of jeans for summer, and Kohl’s is the perfect place to go to fulfill the need for this.

  44. I like the nice long days and pleasant, but short nights of the nice summer season.

  45. I love the warmer weather. I love going fishing in the mornings when the fog is lifting from the water.

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