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Have you ever bought a shirt and just instantly fell in love with it, hoping that it actually came in a million other colors and prints and patterns, too? That was me with my new camo shirt. I instantly fell in love. If you know me and have followed me some time now, you know that I love camo. I’m obsessed with the print and wear it every single chance I can get! I’m all about making it work for my wardrobe and creating over the top dressy looks or totally casual looks. It’s all about seeing how I feel at the moment. But this new shirt? It’s going to be a staple for me.

Camo Shirt – Spring 2019 Fashion Trend

Camo Style

If you walk into ANY store right now, you’re going to find the camo trend. Walk into Target? It’s there. Walk into BJ’s Wholesale Club? It’s there. Walk into the GAP, Old Navy, American Eagle? It’s there, there, there. I recently was shopping at my NEW fave store – Evereve and immediately saw this camo tee and was just in love with it! Actually – when I walked into Evereve the camo trend was everywhere. I mean, everywhere. It was like walking into my dream closet. I didn’t want to leave. I felt to cozy and comfy and fashion ready to just dive in and buy everything (although my husband would’ve killed me!).

camo shirt spring trend

But truly – if you’re looking for a few spring trends this season that are a huge hit – think CAMO. You can’t go wrong with the camo trend right now. You can buy camo pants. You can buy camo shorts. You can buy camo sneakers (truly!). You can buy camo sweatshirts and hoodies. You can buy camo vests. You can buy camo dresses and tanks. And… yes, you can buy a camo shirt that you will be able to wear a million times this spring and summer. In my opinion, the best kinds of fashion items to buy are the ones that give you fashion longevity. You want to be able to wear things over and over and over again. Not just one and done!

camo shirt spring trend

Let me tell you about this specific camo shirt because it’s everything! I’m telling you, I don’t usually get THIS excited about a tee shirt, but I really do love this one. I love the cut. I love the style. I love the softness. I just love it all. I’m not usually in love with v-neck tees, so the second I saw that this was a crew neck I knew I was going to love it. I feel like for v-neck tees you need to be (dare I say it) well endowed on top. I’m not (ahem!), so whenever I wear v-necks I always feel that it’s not nearly as flattering on me. I prefer crew neck tees because I feel more comfortable and confident in them.

This is a Z Supply tee from Everever. As they describe it, “Our favorite slub crew neck tee by Z Supply in a fun camo print. Great for print mixing, or layering under a cardigan or denim jacket.

  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
  • Flattering to your body and really soft

Z Supply Slub Crew Tee

I’m also all about making sure you can easily make a shirt like this work for a dressier style and a casual style. I love me some denim, so I always love to push the denim envelope when I can! I love being able to wear heels with jeans because I think it gives jeans such a different look and feel. It’s all about making something look fashionable, but effortlessly. You don’t want to push it if you don’t have to with something. Fashion is fashion and everyone’s style is different (this is what I love about fashion in general), but I love sharing what I love and how I style my own clothing and looks.

For this look in particular:

  • I love me a fedora, so I grabbed this beige straw one from Banana Republic. It’s perfect for the spring and summer because you can the breeze on top. I love having wool ones, but the straw ones just work so much better for you! I love the color, too because it’s very verastile.
  • I’m all about strappy nude heels, too. I’m 5 feet, so any help I can get in the height department I take! I love seeing strappy heels with jeans because it’s just an elegant look. I know with jeans you can wear just about anything, but I love this look in particular because I feel like it’s super chic and fabulous looking.
  • JEANS! Jeans are my thing. I am OBSESSED with the ZARA Basic jeans. They fit me length wise perfectly. I fell in love with them so much I bought 2 pairs. When you find jeans you love, you don’t mess it up – you buy 2 pairs. Let this be a fashion rule you follow forever and ever. I love the fray on the bottom, which is also a HUGE trend this season, too!
  • My sunnies? Ray Ban. You can’t go wrong with these, I don’t care who you are. They work with every face!
  • My hoop earrings! I’ve been dying to buy these forever! Madewell has gorgeous options and I snagged a beautiful pair which I will wear (probably) every single day! They’re lightweight, too – which I love!

camo shirt Z Supply Slub Crew Tee

camo shirt Z Supply Slub Crew Tee

So this is my camo shirt look! I’m telling you – you could easily add a blazer right on the top and wear this to a work event. I wore this outfit out to dinner with a girlfriend the other night and felt really chic! I love being able to wear something casual that works like something chic.

Spring 2019 Top Fashion Trends - camo shirt

Spring 2019 Top Fashion Trends

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What’s your fave fashion trend this season? Love to know what you’re gravitating towards!

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  1. I really like this style! I’ll have to check the website out. The camo would go well with grey pants.

  2. I cannot wear jeans with ripped knees or fray on the bottom. I have to fix the holes and hem them! It goes against my nature as a seamstress to have raggedy clothes. I love the hat and this outfit looks great o you.

  3. I could not pull off this look but my daughter loves the feminine camo colored shirts. This one is really cute. If I could wear the green, I would wear it in a heartbeat.

  4. This is an awesome shirt! I admit to having a camo item or two. This one would go great with my grey jeans

Camo Shirt was last modified: April 16th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland