Permission to Hustle Podcast – 40 Episodes In!

We started our Permission to Hustle Podcast in October of this year! We’ve loved sharing tips and advice and the stories of so many women in our Permission to Hustle Facebook Group – that we wanted to expand it to the Podcasting Platform. Podcasting is such a big thing right now, so we were really excited to start filming and recording! Our Permission to Hustle Podcast is truly a passion project. We love sharing episodes with everyone and really hope we can (at the very least) inspire and motivate 1 woman (we’re hoping more!).

Permission to Hustle Podcast

Permission to Hustle Podcast

If you’re just joining us – you might be asking yourself – WHAT IS PERMISSION TO HUSTLE? (I mean – it’s a good question!)

Today, we wear “busy” like a badge. Just think, every time someone asks you how you’re doing, how many times do you respond, “BUSY, very busy!” It’s one word we use to always describe ourselves. We have actually heard someone once say that “busy is the new smoking.” Dangerous, addictive, completely unnecessary, and very hard to break the habit. After all, busy means you are successful. Busy means you have it altogether. Busy means you are winning. Right? Wrong. You want to make it the kind of busy that counts and that’s working for you, not against you!

That is where giving yourself “permission to hustle” comes in, and why creating this community is so important to us!

Allow us to introduce ourselves — me (Audrey) and my bestie (Vera) — business partners and best friends. Between the two of us, we have EIGHT children and are the sole providers for our families. Some might say that we don’t have traditional jobs…Ok, most would say that! In fact, we started our online businesses over a decade ago, long before “blogging” and “social media” were a tenth of what they are today. Pioneers? Dinosaurs? It all depends on how you look at it. Either way, We’ve been hustling (together) for the past ten years, and have grown our digital businesses big enough to be the main source of income for both of our families. Our jobs are our lives and we enjoy every second of it. We love what we do and we want everyone to feel the same way about what they do too!

Does this sound familiar? Are you a hustler at heart? Virtual high five!

Ok now back to why you are really here — THIS community. We created it because throughout the years hundreds of women have asked our “secret”…

“How the hell do you stay SANE with all the craziness, all the pressure of working and making money, and with all those kids!?”

And the thing is — it’s pretty simple.

We have given ourselves the PERMISSION TO HUSTLE.

In between everything that we have going on for work and life, we find the time to stay connected with our family and friends. We find the time to give back to ourselves – to rest, to read, to sleep, to cook, to laugh and be silly. We know first-hand that entrepreneurs/businesswomen/full-time working moms/stay-at-home moms/female go-getters don’t always have these luxuries, but if you plan properly, you can make it work. And by the way, we still tuck our kids in at night and help them with their homework after school.

You can become successful without losing yourself, your sanity, or unleashing your crazy self. You can be completely fulfilled AND be incredibly successful at the same time. We’ve done it…and so have thousands of other women.

So now let’s talk about the hustle. Let’s build each other up. We want to help YOU find your unique hustle. Let us be your new best friends, and let us help you find your hustle groove. Welcome….we can’t wait to connect with you!

To date we have 40 episodes in our Permission to Hustle Podcast cue! Each topic varies and we love discussing and dishing on everything about business. We believe in the collective power of stories and sharing our experiences. Nobody is a true expert out there – I personally believe we grow and build from learning about each other’s hits and misses. I love being able to dish on the podcast about what’s worked for us and what’s not. Not to mention being able to interview some incredible women who have worked hard and hustled!

Permission to Hustle Podcast – Recent Episode

Today’s episode is all about – Pitching a TV Segment

It’s something so many of us want and try to do! There’s something really great about being able to share your message and/or product on a TV segment. Here are some strategies to keep in mind when trying to picth one to a local news segment – or a national one!

Love for you to keep our Permission to Hustle podcast in your cue!

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  1. I think it’s awesome that both of you are the sole income providers for your families! I admire what you’ve accomplished.

    (came over from the contest)

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