Valentine Sandwich Cookie Recipe

Valentine Sandwich Cookie

Are you ready to make some sweet treats for your sweets? Valentine’s Day is the day of love! When you become a mom you quickly start getting more and more little loves added to your Valentine’s Day list. My 4 sons and my daughter top my list – along with my husband. I love making Valentine’s Day special for my kids. I want them to know that they are loved unconditionally. I want them to know that on Valentine’s Day – I think of all of them, too. I love having them wake up with a little special Valentine’s Day treat on the special day and I love finding cute things to do!

Valentine Cooke Sandwich Recipe

My friend Sheri McShane from When the Kids Go to Bed created this adorable, yummy and special recipe for her sons and she shared it with me for the blog! She makes a fabulous Valentine Sandwich Cookie for Valentine’s Day for her kids. It’s just the best and easiest recipe and it’s so fun to make for Valentine’s Day! There’s not that much that goes into it, so make sure you set aside some time to create these for you and your family!

Valentine Sandwich Cookie

Valentine Sandwich Cookie Recipe #Valentines #ValentinesDay

Supplies for Valentine Sandwich Cookie:

What you need for the packaging for the Valentine Sandwich Cookie

Heart-shaped cookie cutter

Clear treat bags


Card stock

What you need for the actual Valentine Sandwich Cookie dough –

Simple short-cut is to use store-bought sugar cookie dough

What you need for the filling for the Valentine Sandwich Cookie

Buttercream Filling

½ cup of unsalted butter (room temp)

1 tsp vanilla extract

2.5 cups confectioner sugar

2 tbsp milk

Steps for creating your Valentine Sandwich Cookie

I have to say this – what I love most is how straightforward this recipe is for you! This really is easy because you can take some shortcuts (pre-made cookie dough). I’m all about being in the kitchen and baking for my kids, but anyway that I can make it a little easier for myself – I’m all about it. It’s a lifesaver for me to see easy mom hacks for baking that allow me extra time! Not to mention – my kids can also help with this recipe and they just want to shape the dough and bake and EAT! They aren’t that interested in creating the dough, so that helps me out a ton!!

OK… here are the steps:

  • Using confectioner sugar instead of flour, roll out the cookie dough ¼-½” thick and cut out hearts.Valentine Sandwich Cookie Recipe #Valentines #ValentinesDay

  • Bake according to instructions.
    Valentine Sandwich Cookie Recipe #Valentines #ValentinesDayValentine Sandwich Cookie Recipe #Valentines #ValentinesDay
  • In a standing mixer or using a hand mixer, whip together butter and vanilla, then add in the sugar and milk. If it seems too loose, add more sugar, too tight, add another tbsp of milk.

  • Place buttercream in a piping bag.Valentine Sandwich Cookie Recipe #Valentines #ValentinesDay

  • After cookies have cooled, fill and sandwich them together.

Valentine Sandwich Cookie Recipe #Valentines #ValentinesDay

  • Now they’re ready to bag and tag with a sweet message.

Valentine Sandwich Cookie Recipe #Valentines #ValentinesDay

As you can see these are the sweetest for your sweets! How adorable, right? I love that these can also be given as school Valentine’s Day gifts, too! I love that these can double as treats for ANYONE for the big day of love! Don’t forget, too! If you’re making these for anyone in your child’s class – please make sure you ask about allergies. You want to make sure that you don’t give anyone a cookie that might be allergic to anything in them!

I’m excited to be sharing a ton of Valentine’s Day content throughout the next couple of weeks with you!

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And don’t forget, too!! When it comes to Valentine’s Day fashion!! There are some fabulous fashions out there!! Make sure you show your heart on your sleeve!! Make sure you’re wearing something red to celebrate the color of the special day!!


Make sure you spoil your sweets!


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