30 Day Habit Tracker

30 Day Habit Tracker

How many of us start off a New Year or a new month feeling like this is IT!? This is the beginning of a new me, a new time and new experiences!! A new year and a new month is always a fresh new start to do something. It’s that time in your life where you look at where you want to go and who you want to be and just dream big. You start thinking all the things! This is the time I will take care of myself. This is the time I will workout. This is the time I will eat healthy. This is the time I will stop smoking. This is the time I will start writing my book. This is the time I will start that business idea. This is the time I will reconnect with that important person in my life. This is the time I will start classes and get that degree. WHATEVER it is that you want to do, New Years are always a fabulous time to turn that page and get after it!

30 Day Habit Tracker

Here’s the thing though – you need to get yourself into the HABIT of going after whatever it is that you want.

If you want to start working out… you need to be consistent with your workouts. They need to become a habit.

If you want to start healthy eating… you need to be constantly making sure you’re taking the measures to eat healthy.

If you want to start that new business… you need to start making steps every single day to get you to where you need to be.

If you want to reconnect with someone… you need to get into the habit of reaching out.

If you want to start writing that book… you need to get into the habit of writing.

That’s right… habits get you into the mode of consistency and when you’re consistent, you stick with things. That’s how it’s always worked for me. Once I get myself into a groove, I won’t stop! I will be determined and dedicated to keep going with whatever goal and/or dream I have, but I need to make sure I get myself into the HABIT of whatever it is I’m trying to do.

It’s not always easy, believe me! I know with working out – I’m always great for 7 days and then I (literally) just stop! It’s always how it’s been for me. I have zero consistency. This is going to change this year! I’m going to stay on my goals because I’m creating myself a 30 Day Habit Tracker that will keep me accountable and keep my going. This is so important. You want to see progress. You want to see that you’re sticking with it. You want to see that you’re going after whatever it is that you’re trying to go after. I love having a resource or a tool to keep me on course so I can see that YES!! I’m doing it!

I created for YOU your won 30 Day Habit Tracker – I chose 30 days because usually research points to 21 days being the “key” number when someone becomes a habit. So if you workout for 21 days, your body will start craving it. If you write for 21 days, you will get yourself into a settled groove. With 30 days… it’s just an extra 7 days to keep yourself on course and set for what it is that you want to do.

Here is the 30 Day Habit Tracker

I set it up where you chose what habit you want to go after and every single day you do it, you just cross off the number in the box. So if you write “Train for a 5K” in the box. Every single day you run and do something to train for the 5K, you will cross off the number. The point is trying to make sure you “hit” 21 days. If you do all 30 – even better! You can come up with whatever you want and just add it into the box and start it going!

I made one 30 Day Habit Tracker in black/pink:

30 Day Habit Tracker

I made the other 30 Day Habit Tracker in green/black ink:30 Day Habit Tracker

This is what I’m hoping this does for YOU! I want you to look back in 30 days and see what you did! I want you to see what you did for you! I want you to be proud of yourself that you went for it and kept going with it! I love that this is such an each and fun way to get yourself moving on your journey!!

30 Day Habit Tracker

My personal habits are going to be:

  1. Healthy Eating this Year
  2. Start Writing the Book I’ve Always Wanted to Write
  3. Workout Every Single Day – just something that gets my blood pumping
  4. Make sure the kids help with CHORES!

These are my TOP 4 HABITS that I will be getting into this month as we kick off 2019!! I always wanted to make sure I didn’t make it a MONTHLY thing because you can start your 30 days whenever you want to! Just print this sheet out and GO!! You don’t need to wait for February to start or July – you start when you absolutely want to start!

You can print this 30 Day Habit Tracker printables out here:

Pink INK here.

Green INK here.

(If you don’t have a color printer, they will come out black and white, and I have that set, too!)


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