J Crew Sale – What to Wear for the Holidays from J.Crew

J Crew Sale – it’s what I love for when it comes to fashion. I never ever buy anything unless there’s a J Crew Sale. What to Wear for the Holidays from J.Crew. I’m all about the holiday in dressing class and elegant and the perfect part! I’m thrilled to share with you some of my favorite J Crew finds today! Are you ready!? Get set because there are some amazing options!

J Crew Sale

J. Crew Sale - Holiday Outfit from J.Crew

As I’ve gotten older (ahem, 40!) – there are a few fashion rules I live by for myself. One – wear what you want. Two – wear what makes you (and only you) happy. Three – don’t embarrass my sons. Four – wear what you know makes you feel beautiful. Five – know what works for my body type. To sum it all up – I like to wear what makes me feel the best version of myself! Pretty easy fashion advice, right?

With the holidays right around the corner – I love to plan my fashion looks ahead of time. I know that it’s not a one-size-fits-all when it goes to dressing for holiday parties. I have holiday parties at my son Henry and Victoria’s school. I have a holiday celebration with my friends. I have a party with my family. I have a couple of work parties to attend, so (quite literally) I can’t wear the same thing to everything! Each party calls for its own look and style. I’ve been a lover of J.Crew for years and years. I have one J.Crew philosophy – what you buy, you will wear a million and ten times. Buy classic pieces from J.Crew because they will never (ever) go out of style. And my other piece of advice – have fun making them work over and over again with different pieces!

What to Wear for the Holidays from J Crew Sale – think plaid, think mini, think pom-pom.

Plaid It Up.

I’m a sucker for a fabulous plaid during the holidays. A true sucker. I love everything about it. Plaid is iconic with Christmas for me, so I’m always stocking up on new ones that I can wear again and again. This one I love because it’s got my fave colors – navy, green, red and a touch of gold! It’s super cute and a top I can wear so many different ways! But for the holidays? I’m wearing it with a mini and heels!

Pom Pom Hats

What to Wear for the Holidays from J Crew Sale

Mini Skirt It. Amen! And you can find amazing mini skirts from the J Crew Sale in all different patterns and colors.

This mini skirt I bought years ago… so many years ago, I forget when! I’ve worn it maybe (no joke) 100 times. It’s my go-to and I love it and live in it for any work events or special occasions. I’m fine feet, so I can’t really go with long options on the skirt front – I look ridiculous! I feel good in a mini because it makes my legs look longer! It’s a nice trick to have in my back pocket! But this skirt just is comfy and is a good ole standby to have on hand for parties! It’s perfect for the holidays!

J. Crew Sale - Holiday Outfit from J.Crew

What to Wear for the Holidays from J.Crew Sale

Pom Pom For Days.

You may think I’m joking, but I’m totally NOT! I would wear this pom pom hat every single day in the winter if I could! It’s EVERYTHING and I love it to pieces! It’s the perfect accessory for a cold winter night! I love wear a statement hat in the winter because it’s just fun! Everyone else is wearing necklaces and bangles… I love to wear hats! Hats do it for me and I think they’re FABULOUS!

Pom Pom Hats

What to Wear for the Holidays from J Crew Sale

High Heels, Girl.

The higher, the better. If you feel like wearing heels – I’m wearing them big and tall! Again – at 5 feet – I’m ALL about wearing anything that will elongate my legs. High heels does the trick! I found these (again) years ago and they’ve just stayed with me! I love that they’re strappy and elegant and just classic!

What to Wear for the Holiday from J.Crew

And the last ting you need?

A smile. That’s right! SMILE AWAY! Make your smile big and bright and beautiful! Remember that the holidays are a time to have fun and be YOU and be with the ones you love! ENJOY THE TIME!

Pom Pom Hats

Shop AWAY!

Happy Holidays everyone! Love for you to keep checking in on MomGenerationsMomGenerations!

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