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I’m all about spreading JOY during the holiday season! In all fairness… I’m all about spreading JOY year round, too! I’m someone who just genuinely likes to make people smile and feel inspired to go out there into the world and spread some joy to others. Maybe you share a smile. Maybe you share a hug. Maybe you share your time. Maybe you say “Hello” to a stranger. Maybe you call you parents just to say “Hi!” Whatever it is that you DO, the point is making someone’s day brighter because you’ve spread some JOY!

JOY is a good thing to spread, especially in this day and age!

noun: joy

a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.
“tears of joy”

Dunkin’ has inspired me this season to really get out there and spread some JOY! I’ve had so much fun sharing some ideas and doing what I can to spread JOY! It’s such an easy and wonderful thing to do and I love that Dunkin’ is all about doing what they can to make sure JOY is spread, too!!

I’m going to be asking my social media followers to share some ways that they will spread some JOY as 2019 kicks off! I would love for you to share with me how you’re going to spread some JOY in the comments below! All that is important is that you’re doing something positive and meaningful and special… share away and hopefully some of your comments will inspire others, too!

Spread Joy Giveaway

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Share BELOW how you’re going to spread joy in 2019!!

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  1. I spread joy by being my daughter’s girl scout leader and being on our school’s PTS board.

  2. I’m going to spread joy in 2019 by being more positive at work and helping to keep the morale up for my patients and coworkers!

  3. i am planning to help with the local clothing thrift store that gives away items for free for those who need it,and im seriouly thinking about going back into foster care again,,not as a parent but as a grandparent,,a extra place for those kids to go to spend the night like my grandkids do,,actually i had two of my grandsons stay last night,,every kid should have a grandparent to spoil them and just be there for them

  4. I spread joy by loving myself and surrounding myself with positive people. If you don’t spread joy with yourself first than you can’t spread joy with others!

  5. We enjoy picking out a local less fortunate family and buying them groceries for the week just to show we care. I hope you and your family have a Happy New Year!

  6. I spread joy by passing out little Christmas gifts to all the elderly people in my moms nursing home. She is sick and needs care 24/7 and although I visit her daily some people never get any visitors and it breaks my heart. Even just bringing them a flower or a small box of chocolates really brightened their day! I want to do this every year

  7. I haven’t been able to afford to pay for people’s food and drinks at the drive-thru for the past couple of years, but I plan to start again this year.

  8. I’ve been making fabric flower accessories for fun, and have been giving them away to homeless women and disadvantaged teens. I want to do more next year to spread the love!! It is nice to give them something that is for sheer fun and pretty. Today I was looking into doing scrunchies, too. I don’t sell them, I keep a few, and give the rest away.

  9. I love spreading joy by surprising someone in need or going thru a tough time with a gift card and a handwritten note or card. I also like paying it forward.

  10. I L❤VE surprising my staff with simple games like how many paperclips in a jar. Winner gets a longer break, a small gift card or first choice of a day off. Always a fun time!!

  11. I’m going to spread joy by helping my neighbors more. Some are getting up in age & just conversation brightens their day

  12. I plan on spreading joy in 2019 by smiling more. I believe a smile, a compliment or a kind word can really change someone’s mood.

  13. By volunteering my time and collecting donations for the ronald mcdonald house in my area

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  14. I spread joy by compliments. One of the most simple and free things a person can offer. I’ve had compliments given to me and just those few kind words last all day. So my job is to make others feel that way.

  15. I spread joy by giving out little Christmas gifts at my moms nursing home. Some of the residents don’t have any family to visit them so even getting a small gift makes them so happy and warms my heart

  16. I spread joy by offering free babysitting services to single moms so that they have time to meet other people and time for themselves!!

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