Women’s Christmas Sweaters – Where to Find

I’m a Christmas Sweater fanatic! A (legit) FANATIC! My collection is probably 12-15 sweaters deep! I love wearing them right around this time because they’re just FESTIVE and FUN! And (OK) an ounce of me feels like I’m living in a Hallmark Movie. What can I say – I gotta keep it real here, too! 🙂 Christmas Sweaters get such a “bad” wrap sometimes because of “Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties,” but I promise you – there are some really fabulous options out there that are fashionable, chic and stylish! And if you style them correctly – you can be the hit of the Christmas Party! The big QUESTION is then – Where to find the Best Women’s Christmas Sweaters?? Well – I’ve got you covered with some really fantastic options that you’re going to love!

Where to Find the Best Women’s Christmas Sweaters

Most of my favorite shopping destinations are rocking the Women’s Christmas sweaters this year! I love it because it’s just an easy fit – literally. First shopping destination that is rocking the Christmas Sweaters this season? Lands’ End! They have a GIGANTIC selection of Christmas Sweaters that are classic and fun and chic! This is my favorite sweater of the season – Christmas Zip Up Sweater!

Women's Christmas Sweaters

But here are some other Lands’ End options for Where to Find the Best Women’s Christmas Sweaters… you’re going to love these from Lands’ End!

Next up!? J.Crew! You’re going to get classic Women’s Christmas Sweaters that are just exquisite! The kind of sweaters that you will wear year after year after year! That’s the beauty of finding some classic Christmas Sweaters! You just have to be able to answer the questions – Where to Find the Best Christmas Sweaters – and I hope I’m helping you out BIG time! This is my favorite from J.Crew – the Mockneck Fair Isle Sweater!

Women's Christmas Sweaters

Where to Find the Best Christmas Sweaters? Check out these other options from J.Crew!

Next shopping destination!? Banana Republic! There are some delicate and elegant sweaters there for Christmas! They definitely give off some holiday cheer and joy!! Here’s my fave – Embroidered Champagne Sweater! I’m in love!
Women's Christmas Sweaters

Here are other gorgeous options from Banana Republic, too! These are so fabulous and can be worn throughout the winter, too!

Where to Find the Best Christmas Sweaters!!?? Have you tried the GAP yet, too?? The GAP is always good for some fun Women’s Christmas Sweaters!! They’re usually bright and bold and fabulous, too! This stunning and warm red Fair Isle Sweater is a BIG thumb’s up for me!

Women's Christmas Sweaters

And then… there are 3 additional options that I just love over at the GAP!! All classic and fun and fabulous for the holidays!!

So Where to Find the Best Christmas Sweaters?? You can go just about anywhere!! There are so many awesome options out there, you will just fall in love!!

Where to Find the Best Women’s Christmas Sweaters

Here are also some gorgeous holiday dress options for the girls in your life! I love rocking Victoria in some fabulous dresses! Check it out!

And while you’re at it – Have some fun with some fringe booties this holiday season, too! Check out my girl Lauren’s top picks!


Where to Find the Best Christmas Sweaters


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