Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals Make Dinner Easy

Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals Make Dinner Easy

I’ve never proclaimed to be an amazing cook or baker in my family.  I love being in the kitchen making dishes for my family, but I’m (ahem) woman enough to know that I’m not exactly Martha Stewart or Ina Garten. I happened to marry a man who is a gigantic foodie and loves to whip things up in the kitchen… but I am certainly not him. I’m all about making dinnertime as easy and as convenient as possible. We’re a big sports family, so we’re always running around after school to pool decks, football fields and basketball courts. It’s just how we are and it’s something that’s going to get more and more demanding when we hit high school next year, too.  Since we’re always on-the-go, my #1 rule as a family is that we have to eat together at night. I don’t care if the boys don’t get home from swim team until 8PM, we wait. I’m a stickler on this rule and it’s something that’s very important to me as the mom of the house. So… dinner needs to be as easy as can be for us because we’re usually eating late and I don’t have the extra time to be slaving away in the kitchen (nor does my husband!). We have become OBSESSED with Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals because they truly make dinner as easy as 1-2-3.

Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals Make Dinner Easy

Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals Make Dinner Easy

Want to know the beauty of Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals?

1. They’re ready in 15 minutes or less

2. They feed 2-3 people, so I can buy (3) of them and it’s an easy meal for our entire family of 7

3. The prices are spot-on

Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals put high-quality chef-inspired dinners on your table in less than fifteen minutes! You’re the cook, but all the hard work’s been done — planning, chopping, measuring, reducing sauces, etc. Just take the ingredients straight from your freezer and sauté them in your favorite skillet! But this assistance doesn’t mean you’re not eating well… Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals are free of ingredients you can’t pronounce.

We’ve been taking advantage of Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals for the last 2 months and I couldn’t love them more! They are so easy and I’m eating a restaurant level meal! Who needs to eat out? Not me! Who needs to be sweating in the kitchen? Not me! Omaha Steaks makes it all so easy for me and I love it because I can spend more time with the ones I love and the ones that need me the most… my family!

Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals  in Action!

The most recent one we just made was the Omaha Steaks Skillet Meal Champagne Chicken! We’re big chicken people, but I’m pretty boring with coming up with recipes! Now I don’t have to worry about it anymore! The Champagne Chicken was sensational! Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals

Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals

Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals

You simply take the all-in-one meal from your freezer and saute it in your favorite skillet. It’s a no-stress meal for two to three, done in minutes. It’s crazy to go from a frozen meal to this delightful dish in just 15 minutes! It’s WAS SO GOOD!! And the best part is seeing my kids devour them, too!

Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals – WHAT OTHER FLAVORS?

There are about 30 different options for you to chose from when it comes to Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals! From Tempura Orange Chicken to Sweet Red Pepper Beef to Italian Chicken Piccata! There’s shrimp and beef and chicken and even breakfast options, too! Head over here for a full listing of all of them!!!

ENJOY all of these yummy dishes!!!!!

And check out the Butcher’s Breakfasts!

Disclosure: I’m a Omaha Steaks Ambassador. All opinions are 100% my own.


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