How to Make Reindeer Dust

Reindeer Dust is something that we’ve been putting out for Santa and all of his Reindeer for the last 10 years! I had never heard of Reindeer Dust before I had kids! I never did anything like this on my own when I was a kid. I always just thought cookies and carrots were enough – I was wrong! LOL! Reindeer Dust is sprinkled on your front lawn to make it easy for the Reindeer to see your house and know that you’ve been a good boy or girl! It really is a fun tradition to do with your kids! It really does add to the excitement and countdown till Christmas! I thought it would be fun to create a blog post on How to Make Reindeer Dust. It’s the simplest “recipe” ever and something that ever child (regardless of their age!) could easily master.

How to Make Reindeer Dust

How to Make Reindeer Dust

Ingredients for How to Make Reindeer Dust

2 cups of oats
1/2 cup glitter (one color or a mix of colors)
Ziploc bag

How to Make Reindeer Dust

This is the easiest ever in the world to make! Are you ready for these steps?

  1. Take your oats and glitter and put in a bowl.
  2. Mix together the oats and the glitter.
  3. Take the mixture and add to a Ziploc baggie.
  4. Write on the bag “Reindeer Dust’
  5. You can add bows or ribbons to the bag, too! You cam make it as festive as you want it to be!

Super easy, right!? I’ve got to share with you Victoria’s Reindeer Dust for this year! She was so cute making it and so excited to get it done! She really makes me smile and chuckle to myself!

I’m telling you – Reindeer Dust is so much fun to make! We love creating combining different glitter combinations!! It’s just a fun time to really enjoy and make some cool for Christmas. We always take our Reindeer Glitter out for Santa right before bedtime on Christmas Eve!!

How to Make Reindeer Dust

Even on Christmas’ where it’s been snowing or raining, it still goes outside! Reindeer Dust is magical – so weather doesn’t bother it!

Make sure you take sometime with your child and make Reindeer Dust!! You can also include a beautiful poem, too!

Here’s one we love to do….

Sprinkle on your lawn at night,
As the moon and stars are shining bright.

As Santa and his reindeer fly and roam,
This will guide them to your home!

Love this so much!!!!!!

We’re obsessed with this and love Christmas traditions in our house!! One of our favorite we’re doing on Monday, too! Heading to Blithewold!

While we’re talking Christmas Traditions!! Here’s a great way to keep that traditional tree alive longer!!! Love my friend Kelly for sharing this!!!

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