AAA Northeast – 12 Days of Savings

Calling all AAA Northeast members!! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a AAA member for years and years! And truthfully – my parents have been members for as long as I can remember! Before the days of GPS and apps like Waze, my parents would go to AAA for a Trip Tik. Trip Tiks were (and still are) the best! If you’re not familiar with them, a Trip Tik is a travel planning guide provided to members by AAA. It provides travelers with destination directions, points of interest, and services which are customized for the member. I used to love traveling with my parents and turning the page of the Trip Tik because it meant we were closer to our destination. And then – as I got older – my father brought me to AAA to get my own personal membership when I was in college. He wanted to make sure that I could take advantage of the roadside assistance program with AAA if I needed it since it was the first time I was on my own. AAA has just always been something that was part of my life and I love that as time has gone by, AAA has continued to evolve and offer more and more benefits to their members!

AAA Northeast 12 Days of Savings

I’m thrilled beyond thrilled to announce that I’ve partnered with AAA Northeast this holiday season! It’s the perfect match up for me because AAA offers so much for families and beyond. You can book and save on travel vacations with AAA. You can get directions and suggestions for potential upcoming travel plans at AAA. You can take advantage of their Automotive Services and even renew your license right there, too! There are just so many perks to becoming a member and it’s something that I really feel everyone should do either on your own or with your family! But for me – one of the BEST perks of AAA is the SAVINGS!! You can’t beat the SAVINGS!!! There’s ENTERTAINMENT – AUTOMOTIVE – SHOPPING – TRAVEL and other EXCLUSIVE Membership discounts! I mean – heading to the movies? You can get tickets at AAA. Heading to a local restaurant? You can get a discount! There are just so many ways to save money with AAA!

And so… (drum roll!) this holiday season AAA Northeast is launching (TOMORROW – 12/1/18) “12 Days of Savings!”

“12 Days of Savings” with AAA Northeast

AAA Northeast 12 Days of Savings

How does it work!!??

Every single day for 12 straight days a NEW savings will be revealed!!

You don’t want to miss out on these amazing deals from vendors and businesses that you know and love!!

With the holidays almost here – I love that AAA Northeast is helping me save some money, but still find some fantastic items to give as gifts for the ones I love!!

How can you find out what the savings are for the AAA Northeast “12 Days of Savings”?

Head here and check-in every single day TOMORROW through December 12th!!!!!

I’m obsessed with this and thrilled to be part of this with YOU throughout the next 12 days, too!!!

Disclosure: This is a partnership with AAA Northeast. All opinions are 100% my own!


AAA Northeast – 12 Days of Savings was last modified: November 30th, 2018 by Audrey McClelland
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AAA Northeast – 12 Days of Savings was last modified: November 30th, 2018 by Audrey McClelland