What Michelle Obama Taught Me Yesterday

OK… Michelle Obama was not actually in my house or on the phone with me yesterday, but she taught me something valuable and something meaningful.

Let me start from the beginning.

Yesterday (Oct 11th) was Picture Day for Victoria. I’ve been excited about this Picture Day since I got sheet from her school because this is the one photo I always buy. I know I shouldn’t admit that, but I never buy the school photos. Total mom fail, right? In any case – I woke her up extra early to give her a bath and wash her hair. I picked out the “perfect” outfit for her – a little Lilly Pulitzer dress with loafers and lace trimmed socks to match. I even planned on braiding her hair and adding cute little blue ribbons on the ends. I had everything ready and everything planned for her 1st Kindergarten photo.

The second she saw everything she said to me, “I don’t want to wear that.” I instantly started to get frustrated with her and was about to make her wear the outfit anyway!

But something miraculous happened in that moment – incidentally – I had the TODAY Show on in the background… and I heard Michelle Obama. I stopped what I was doing and watched her as she was talking about International Day of the Girl… and how we need to inspire girls to be who they want to be. I sat there listening to her talk and I was just nodding my head as she spoke.

Audrey McClelland - Victoria McClelland - Mini Fashionista

And then I looked at my beautiful daughter next to me. MY GIRL. I felt so silly “fighting” with Victoria about her Picture Day outfit. She’s got her own little style. She’s got her own little spunk. She’s got her own sass! Why did it really matter what she wore?? Why did it matter to me so much?? I told her to wear WHATEVER she wanted today… and she lit up like a Christmas tree!

Audrey McClelland - Victoria McClelland - Mini Fashionista

She opted for her favorite tie dye dress (with her favorite shorts underneath), pink faux fur vest, her favorite animal socks that were once Henry’s, her pink pom pom shoes and she wanted her hair down (which she never does) – not in braids or in a ponytail.

Audrey McClelland - Victoria McClelland - Mini Fashionista

You know what?? She was uniquely Victoria and looked PERFECT.

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