Mother and Daughter Bucket List

I waited a very long time to have my daughter. I actually never thought it was going to happen, so when it actually did – it was an incredible experience for me! As you can imagine – a Mother and Daughter Bucket List – has always been something I’ve wanted to do with my Victoria, my daughter.

Mother and Daughter Bucket List

Mother and Daughter Bucket List

I was inspired by my sister in laws and nieces to create a Mother and Daughter Bucket List with Victoria! Since she’s 5 years old, I know I can’t do things that teenagers can do with their moms, but she’s old enough now where a Mother and Daughter Bucket List is something that we can create together. I’m encouraging all moms out there to create a list with your daughter(s). You know your likes and interests. You know your loves and passions. You know what makes you happy. Find all those things and DO THOSE THINGS with your daughter!!

Audrey McClelland and Victoria McClelland

This is our personal Mother and Daughter Bucket List for the two of us!

Here is our personal Mother and Daughter Bucket List:

  1. Library Reading Hour
  2. Manicure
  3. Pedicure
  4. Finding Mommy and Me Twinning outfits
  5. Movie Day
  6. Sleepover in Mommy’s Bed
  7. Chocolate for Breakfast
  8. Picnic at the Park
  9. Set-up Dollhouse
  10. Arts & Crafts Afternoon
  11. Make a Time Capsule
  12. Go see a Play
  13. Head to a Trampoline Park
  14. Make Cookies
  15. Make a Vegetable Garden
  16. Plant Flowers
  17. Volunteer Together
  18. Play Dress-up
  19. Read Books Together
  20. Head to a Playground
  21. Make Homemade Ice Cream
  22. Visit American Girl Doll
  23. Scavenger Hunt around the Neighborhood
  24. Bubble Bath Time
  25. Pajama Saturday
  26. Matching Hairstyles
  27. Make Your Own Jewelry
  28. Decorate your Daughter’s Bedroom
  29. Visit a Bookstore
  30. Girl Shopping Day

Here are some great books for Moms and Daughters that would be great for a Mother and Daughter Bucket List, too:

Love for you to PIN this idea for another Mom and Daughter:

Mother and Daughter Bucket List

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  1. I can totally relate to this post! After having 2 boys I had given up on having a daughter. My husband comes from a long line of sons only, no daughters. But 2 miracles happened…I had 2 daughters! It’s a dream come true to have 2 little girls to do girly things with. Your ideas are great! I would add a visit to an American Girl doll store.

  2. This is a good list. Now that I have 3 daughters, I need to find a way to spend individual time with them. Good idea to make a bucket list- thanks for the idea!

  3. I just LOVE this idea. I had never thought of it as a bucket list but I do tell my daughter everytime it’s just her and I that we have made another memory that I hope we never forget. I think I’m gonna mention this to her and see if she has anything to add. Tysm for the idea

  4. cute idea! also I stumbled upon your dutch braid post but the comments were closed. my daughter loves all the fancy braid French braid, fish tail ect and I am SOOOO bad. I used to spend a half an hour in high school just trying to put my hair in a regular ol pony tail with out the bumps. and it always ended with me frustrated. LOL