How to Stay Organized for your Holiday Shopping

How to Stay Organized for your Holiday Shopping

It’s that time of year when you start to make a million lists for the holidays. Everything from lists for parties to lists for shopping to lists for sending out holiday cards. I feel like I’m just continuously running lists from now thru the end of the year. I’m determined to stay organized this year and not get overwhelmed by the holiday craze. The biggest thing for me? Holiday shopping. I’m shopping for the kids, my husband, my parents, my nieces and nephews, my in-laws, the teachers and coaches. I swear – as every mom knows – it’s all on me. I REFUSE to let it get to me because I love giving gifts, but it can stressful to make sure you get everyone on your list taken care of and making sure you’re not spending a zillion dollars! I’m hoping to inspire you How to Stay Organized for your Holiday Shopping with some helpful hints and a great printable that I hope you’ll find useful, too!

How to Stay Organized for your Holiday Shopping

How to Stay Organized for your Holiday Shopping

So what’s the big secret? What’s the big way to make sure you are organized and stay on top of it all? I’m going to share with you my secrets as to what works best for me, hopefully these tips will work for you, too!

1. CREATE A SOLID LIST – One way to keep yourself on track is to make sure you have a solid list. You don’t want to keep having more and more people to shop for last minute, that’s where the money starts to fly! I sit down and really create a set list and (honestly) unless it’s necessary, I don’t deviate from it.

2. START EARLY – There’s nothing wrong with starting early! My mother-in-law starts holiday shopping right after the holidays! That’s how smart she is and stays on top of budget. I personally start right after Halloween. I keep myself on target and I don’t wait till the last minute.

3. GROUP GIFTS – Always a great thing to do and a wonderful way to alleviate your list and keep you organized. Do group gifts for teachers or coaches or even family members. This way you aren’t the one in charge of doing it all, you can delegate out tasks.

4. LIST MAKING – I have a Christmas folder that I keep in my office filled with all of my lists! It has all of the gifts and the lists for everyone that I need to shop for – including my kids! My oldest guys know about “Santa” – so this year it’s all about trying to make sure the magic is kept alive and well for Victoria! But lists SAVE MY HOLIDAYS! Lists of shopping is essential because I can keep track of who I have shopped for, who I need to shop for and how much money I’ve spent.

5. SECRET SANTA / YANKEE SWAP – If you’re looking for additional ways to lighten your load, which will in essence help with the organization of it all – try a SWAP! These are great because you can put a price limit on the gifts and you can also make it super easy by just having to buy “one” gift for an occasion. The fun comes in seeing what people will eventually end up with for the holiday party!

6. KEEP TRACK OF DEALS AND SALES – From now till Christmas there are going to be a TON of sales and deals going around that you don’t want to miss! Make sure you are staying on top of them all! Create a special email to filter all those emails there and you can check in throughout the week as to what kinds of sales are going on. This is such an easy and perfect way to keep yourself organized for the holidays, too – especially if there are certain stores and brands that you need to stay on top of for your family and friends!

I created this easy master list that I hope will help you throughout the holiday!

Holiday Gift Shopping List Printable


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How to Stay Organized for your Holiday Shopping was last modified: October 30th, 2018 by admin