Self Care Tips for a 30-Day Challenge

The 30 Day Self Care Challenge – ARE YOU GAME?? ARE YOU READY?? CAN YOU GIVE THIS TO YOURSELF?? I’m all about sharing Self Care Tips, but we don’t always take the advice of others. It’s not easy to do for ourselves – Self Care! It’s essential. It really, really is essential.

Self Care Tips

Does this sound familiar to you? You wake up with the intention to work out, but your day completely got away for you and there’s just no time now. OR – you’re at work and then you find out you need to be there an extra hour or so for an additional meeting and now you need to miss your son or daughter’s track meet. You’re overworked. You’re stressed. You’re overwhelmed. You haven’t been hanging out with your friends. You’ve missed your pilates and training sessions lately. You’re missing meals and eating on the go. And – basically – you’re just feeling like a fish out of water and that you’re constantly on a merry-go-round!

I’ve felt this way. I’ve felt this way a bunch.

When the fall season kicks off and school is back in session, I always find myself breathing a little easier. Routines start to come into play. Schedules are firmed up. Self- care is something I really try to give to myself because I don’t want to be overwhelmed and I don’t want to be stressed out!

Self Care Tips

This fall I decided to create a 30 Day Self-Care Challenge for myself. The beauty? It can be started at ANY moment! It’s just to give yourself 30 days straight of doing something for YOU. 30 Day Self-Care Challenge is a gift to give yourself in your life. Every single day I created something for YOU to do for YOU. Sounds nice, right? Everything is mixed up and a little different. Not one day is the same. I did that on purpose, I just wanted it for YOU. If you feel like putting your own twist on it, twist away! Just embrace this as a gift for YOU.

I want you to take a look at these Self Care Tips and really see if you can bring these into your life over the next 30 days!

30 Day Self-Care Challenge

(I have 2 different layouts, pick the one you like best and you can print them below!)

Self Care Tips Self Care Tips


Give this to yourself and have some fun with it! 30 days and you will feel like a NEW person!! Self Care Tips for YOU! Please do it for yourself!! It’s so important!!

Self Care Tips

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  1. I really need to do this challenge! I appreciate the information and motivation. It is much needed!